Titan Chests

Why is Titan Chest so under rated when it comes to loots? It take days to get a chest done and the loots are nothing different than what I get from a regular or raid chest. There should be a higher chance of acquiring ascension loots based on the difficulty completing a chest instead of adding the ridiculously or same old fairy tale “it’s all random”.


There is better loot in a titan chest. Track your loot and I’m sure you’ll cone to that conclusion.

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I have been tracking down my titans chest drops and yet I haven’t seen a single ascension material. I have seen lots of axes, small amount of diamonds, ham, iron and probably some bear or turtle banners.

and in the hero loot and the free loot tower, the war loot sucks big time.

I mean, do these chests titan, monster and raid only serve as a purpose to get us ham and iron mainly ? If that’s the case then yes other than that I yet have to see an ascension item from one of these chests that is not the elemental chest.

Yesterday I’ve just opened my titan chest… Believe me I get better loot from province 5 which I had from the titan chest yesterday (killed 5and6* titans and have been always A or A+)

Ppl are saying taht the loots are ‘Random’ how they know it? Are you guys the programmers and believe everything you read? Why spend so Much time for a titan loot?

That’s what I mean so much effort taking down 7 and 8* titans to get nothing but common materials from a Titan chest? It’s not that people want to complain about the drop system but by logic things that take longer to achieve should be rewarded at least with an ascension material either or 3 or 4 star but hey if the devs just want to make a game where people are busting their nuttsacks to fill those chests for nothing keep them coming.

Taking down five titans gives you titan loot five times. Titan loot is better with more stars. The chest is the same. Maybe for starter alliances and junior participants the chest makes more of a difference, but by the time you take down 8* titans, you do it for titan loot, not for the chest.

@sidehekin then what is the meaning of chest? If you do such thing then at least you can give ‘little’ better then the normal loot what you get from the titan loot. But sure it has to be far better from province 5 loots!

Titan chests should be like the atlantis chest, with guaranteed ascension item in it.

Compared to five times titan loot? Not much, unless you get low-tier titan loot. Which newbies might. So, for newbies, it has a purpose. The rest of us? A little bonus. Not much.

Optimist! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s my point. If the chest are only going to be for ham, iron and just some crappy province 5 items then what is the meaning of the chest? You can get an ascension item from killing a titan but you can’t get one in the chest for slaying 5 titans as a reward? I really don’t get this logic.

If you are interested in knowing the real% drops of titan chests, please help me via putting your data in the Titan chests project ! The main idea is to create a big data set such as to have reliable results!

I think most of us know titan chest loot results-about the same as other chests. Which, in my opinion, is too low.

At best you’ll fill a titan chest every 5 days. Other chests are often filled twice a day. 10 monster chests (at least) for each titan chest. So titan chests should be 10x better than monster chests, and that they most certainly are not. I’d mention elemental chests, but 1) everyone already knows they’re junk as well and 2) there’s already a thread discussing how junky they are.

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If they take you days, you need to search the forum

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