Titan chests have the same loot as monster chests


Really? Oh, nevermind then :slightly_smiling_face:

Please go on.


Someone just delete this post. It’s basically just a fight at this point.


@Denys what was the original title?


Titan chests have the same loot as monster chests


That was an interesting title… too bad it’s gone.
I think the mods @Coppersky or @Rook should have an oppinion.


You can view original title by clicking at orange pencil at the top of the post.


I’m not comfortable with the forced change in title, even if it’s perception by some that it’s whining.

I’ve seen other posts that are negative on game loot and mechanics get a lot of likes. The ‘whines’ are legitimate feedback, even if the opinion is not liked by some.

The original title gives some context to the post… Titan mission chests do largely have similar loot (anecdotally) as monster chests. The opinion that it’s horrendous is just that… an opinion (to which the OP is entitled). I would be interested to know if there is a structural difference between Titan and Monster mission chests that would yield better loot for Titan missions over time. If not, why not? It’s harder to fill a Titan chest than a Monster chest, so surely it should attract better chance of getting some good loot on average?

If people do not share the opinion, they are free to post response and readers can make up their own minds. Changing the post title (and thereby changing the meaning of the thread) because of difference in opinion is not a good path to be going down.


I don’t recall the original title, but if you tell me I can re-relabel it. :slight_smile:


As stated by Denys above.


Thanks. Hang on… :slight_smile:



It should be an easy matter to prove whether Monster Chests and Titan Chests are the same.

The ongoing discussion might get more traction if some attempt is made to at least indicate why they think this way (with screenshots).

I have no dog in this fight, but would appreciate everyone being civil and respectful of each other, even if we don’t all agree. Thanks all!


The subject of “crappy loot” has been hashed, mashed, slashed and regurgitated in absurdity.

Even with the original titel as extra “context” its not feedback, its still just a “buuhuu” post.

A feedback post would have been:
“I seem to get crappy loot from titan chests, why are we not rewarded better from something that takes more dedication and time to complete?”

And even formulating this in a more constructive and less negative manner, why not just find one of the gazillion threads about this and post it there?

This forum is deteriorating into an echo-chamber of “buuhuus”.


Multiple threads by a single user on one topic (or one type of post as the case here) that incite other users shouldn’t be tolerated on any forum.

That is the textbook definition of trolling.

I won’t go as far as to insinuate a bunch of ad hominem attacks on the OP’s character, but the fact is this constant denigration of the game on SG’s forums does nobody any good. It is one thing to state a reasonable opinion on the loot system, I have done so myself in the past and even provided how I would change things for the betterment of the players and why… but this?

Not even close to that standard. Frankly, it’s ridiculous.

I agree that my changing the title was rash and I apologize for that, but the newer one was an accurate summation of it rather than the original one which provided false hope that there was actual content behind it.


and don’t we forget that a monster or raid chest you actually can buy refills and skip up to the next with gems … and that is not the case for the titan chest … yes indeed I think that could give a better loot . just a thought, love the game …


All possibly true, but better stated in response rather than change in title (which you admit was rash) so won’t harp on.

I am interested in the concept, however. Shall resurrect as new thread without the whining element. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Raduk Let’s explore in my new thread… will share link.


Launched a new thread… hopefully with a little less vitriol.


Oh god, someone give me the power to change other people threads titles!

I use it wisely, i swear :smiling_imp:


Muahahaha !

Wait… just why is it possible for everyone to do that?


I’m going to close this one - let’s continue the discussion in other threads and try to keep it civil.

A couple of pointers:

  • Please don’t abuse the rename topic feature or we’ll have to take it away from non-moderators
  • No personal attacks
  • Constructive criticism is absolutely allowed, just remember to use the search function first before creating new threads
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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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