Titan Chest


A question about the chest you get for killing 5 titans, is there more chance to drop rare mats when you are killing higher tier titans?


Simple answer: No! :wink:


Yes and no. With higher Titan levels, you got more Items. So you got more “rolls” for rate loot. But the chance each roll seam to be the same.

See here for more information about the Titan “tier”:


No higher level titans, specifically loot tiers which are a function of Titan level, have a better chance of dropping loot regardless of the number of ascension rolls.

Titan chest though doesn’t care whether the kills are 1* or 10*


■■■■ it… haven’t read that “chest”… for sure, the chest is all time the “same” drop (chance) :frowning:


Are you asking if the 5-kill Titan CHEST gives better loot if the 5 Titans you kill are higher level (8-10*, rather than 5-6*)?

I confess I don’t know. @Dante2377 probably does. :wink:


It wasn’t something I specifically tracked because I haven’t noticed titan CHESTS get any better or worse either 1. as I leveled up as a player OR 2. as I moved up from 4* to 10* titans.

All equally random and RNG as E&P is wont to be.