Titan Chest Vent Thread / Bad Titan Chest Loot / Is Titan Chest Loot a Joke?

I need to kill 5 titans as minimum to get crappy things I can get from first province? Funny.


How many of these i must recive…untill i can see a 4* ascend items…?..in your opinion…keep kalm…!!!unlaky…!!!on the next one…!!! try again…!!!..This one is the titan trunck…!!!..other truncks are more worst…!!Screenshot_20190610-230017_EmpiresScreenshot_20190610-230003_Empires

I feel the same way I have 5* heroes just waiting for asendtion and I cannot find the items I need !!! Compass, hidden blade, or sturdy shields ???

WRONG you are NOT guaranteed good chests at all for war or elemental… I have received BAD chests from both, but not often. Still have so they are not guaranteed.

Sorry, I should have use different word, it is not guaranteed to be good but guaranteed to contain two 3/4-star AM, however the 3* AM can ended up being farmable (tall boots, chain mail, scabbard, or battle manual) which is very bad… and yes, I also got that very bad elementel chest once.

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Titan chest loot is the worst loot ever!! You get better loot from 1 single monster chest than from slaying 5 Titans ■■■? Hope they fix this in the next update please

This topic is only to show all how titan chests are worst…Devs need to see nothingness in them.

I recently posted similar topic and got tombs of tactics witch I showed but before that I can’t remember when I got something useful.

In best case we open this chest every 5 days. Just show to all your titan chest rewards.

You posted titan loot, not the chest. Titan chest rewards show as “wanted mission rewards”. Also you can’t get titan parts from the titan chest…

Yes, my bad didn’t look. Here it is :blush: