Titan Chest Vent Thread / Bad Titan Chest Loot / Is Titan Chest Loot a Joke?

I figure everything in this game is random (hello RNG), and I get everything from the very disappointing to the shockingly wonderful, and everything in between.

Sometimes the chests from individual titans are better than the 5/5 Titan chest. I take all the loot and run. :slight_smile:


These are both from this week. They aren’t the only ones. (Im not showing the one banner 3 gems ones!) :grin:

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9 out of 10 chests will be useless I’ve forgotten if at the beginning it was also like that but taking a week to fill a chest and getting crap can be frustrating even better top score on rare 9* titan
Dam A+ it really is cursed got literally nothing useful lol


Grrrr lol lucky kitten :wink:


I enjoy myself much more when I have no expectations. Expecting goodies and getting none make me a sour puss. Grrr!

I do wish the A+ loot was more even.


Single data point but my Titan chest just popped and dropped my 6th Mystic Rings. I have a very hungry Ares now.

Should say I’m in a casual alliance fighting 4* and 5* Titans. RNG gonna RNG.

Don’t quote me on this, but I believe that titan CHEST loot is not related to the level of titans that you killed to fill the chest.

And yes, most of the time my titan chest loot is trash. I’ve gotten better loot from the titans themselves.


Titan chest is on par with regular monster chest now. I don’t even get excited opening it anymore


My mystic vision is much better…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Empires_2019-04-14-20-51-08


Yeah but war chests and elements chest prizes are usually just as bad if not worse.


Not for me :crazy_face:


This has been happening for at least the past month of getting absolute ■■■■. Sure if it happens once in a while but this is every single effing time now for the past at least month. I don’t even remember the last time I got something good from Titan chest now. this game is starting to become more and more bullshit. Oh but you want ancension materials? only for the low low cost of 54.99…


Loot as usual, no problem imho.
Sometimes one gets crap, other times one gets two 4* mats.

I’d like the cleric emblems…

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No real or noticeable change for me. Sometimes lucky sometimes not. It happens [quote=“cljungle, post:1, topic:102574”]

Not a joke.


Welcome to the community, CLJungle.

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That’s the usual loot I’ve been collecting from titans chest since June 2018. Just get used to it.

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It comes and it goes. You are on a bad luck streak, probably forgot your blood sacrifice to RNGesus?
It’ll come back around, you’ll get a chest that will be significantly better than the previous ones, occasionally you’ll get 2-3 back to back to back good chest…then a month or 3 of nothing.


That’s good compared to my usual chests, I’d take 5 emblems/Atlantis coins.

It’s actually quotable :slightly_smiling_face: The community has not discovered anything suggesting a link between titan level and titan chest loot. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but to the best of my knowledge, what you’re saying is correct


Lending a voice to this, Titan chests, Titan loots are pitiable and scraps , I participate just for fun not for the loots anymore. Some alliance members have become irregular, once in a while they hits with one or two flags.
It is a demotivation.

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