Titan Chest Vent Thread / Bad Titan Chest Loot / Is Titan Chest Loot a Joke?

I haven’t seen this thread lately and I’m just frustrated. We all know the problem. That said…

Are we ever going to fix titan chests here or do we just abandon hope? I do 4 x regular chests daily and a 5 day to fill gives virtually the same loot. Ugh.


I actually find the titan chest to be worse than the other two - it’s pathetic really. I don’t even get excited to open it.


Unfortunately that’s just the way it is.


Agree that Titan Chest loot is bad, as is all chest loot it seems … SG is going to have to start feeding folks a bit more mats if they want people to continue to make pulls. Hoping the Alchemy Lab is good, but not holding my breath.


Since the patch that made Titan Chests contain emblems, I got non-farmable ascension items from every single one of them, including two 4* items. I thought they changed the drop rate to 100%, since before the patch I never got anything good from the Titan Chests.

They have slightly better loot than the regular chests, but it’s not a huge difference. That said, why does it need to be changed?

The titans themselves are the main source of titan-related loot. I’ve always considered the titan chests just a nice extra. After all, they’re not like the monster chests, where I farm differently to fill the chest than I might if I didn’t have the chest to fill. I’d still be killing the same titans, chest or no chest.


I get better loot from regular monster/raid chests, and don’t need to wait 5 days for it. Titan chests are a joke now.


I have to agree that Titan. Chests should have better rewards than what is currently offered. One chest every five to 8 days vs the daily monster and hero chests just screams for better rewards. Sigh, but no. Double sigh.


Agree and think that titan chest should be tiered to the level of titans you defeat. Defeating 5 12* titans would net u a 60* Chest and so on.

Maybe you could even save up your chest and not have to open it after 5 titans that way an alliance fighting less powerful titans can have a chance at better loot


I am curious. Do the members that don’t attack the titans still get the titan chest loot?

No, you have to do at least some damage on the titan for it to count as a credit toward your chest.

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How is it possible to get this loot after 5 titans killed? And most of them 10*… buuufff… Just look at the picture to get your own opinionEmpires_2019-04-12-13-11-53


It say various reward, not great reward as in war chest/elemental chest.


It is common for titan chest to be bad, the only guaranteed good chests are war chest (100% participation) and elemental chest:

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My last 14 titan chests are like that.


Absolutely shameful. Sometimes Mystic Vision gives better loot then filled War chest.


Titan wanted chest is no different from ordinary monster or hero wanted chest. it doesnt matter what kind of titans you kill to fill it.


But in monster or hero chests, I had obtained better loot, even some 4* ascension items or a gold coin, sometimes. Why not could the titan chest loot be better? I hope so!!


Honestly, I also believe that titan chest should be better than raid or monster chest, it takes longer time to fill it. But SG decided to design it like it is.


It was not common. I am playing for almost like a year and a half and the rewards were better before… :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine have been like that for a while now too. It’s a little disappointing considering you have to kill 5 giant monsters with your teammates and open it up to find some garbage. Wish they would fix it, but doesn’t seem to be on the list of priorities.


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