Titan chest reward levels...Choosing the right alliance

One thing I never did until just recently was join an alliance to kill titans for rewards. BIG MISTAKE…I guess I didn’t quite understand that these chests provide ascending materials, until I actually needed them. At the moment I’m receiving loot from a chest reward lvl VI. I’ve gone trough 2 chests so far and so far I haven’t received anything different than what I can get by simply going through the campaign. So, my question(s) is as follows:

Should I join a weaker alliance so I can rank higher and thus receive better loot ?
Should I just stick with my current alliance and just wait for the ascending items I need ?

I wonder, is there a breakdown of the kind of loot you receive at each level ? Thanks guys…

I think it depends on your attack power. Do you feel you have heroes and power to harm stronger titans? Suppose you go to an ally slashing 8* titans, would you handle it and contribute?

It all resumes to loot tier. If you are getting VI, and scores ok, you should be killing titans 4*. If you kill a 8* and get A for example, you will get loot tier X. Obviously the higher tier gives more CHANCE to get a better item.

End of the day, very few people get very few items… so you may even start to get great stuff where you are or be disappointed moving to a Stronger ally and keeps getting nothing…

I was actually talking about going to a weaker alliance, i,e. they’re taking on 3* or 4* titans. I feel like I could make a bigger impact here and score higher (higher tier) with my usual hero setup… I wouldn’t want to go to a stronger alliance, I don’t think. At the moment my main goal is to move my current 5* heroes past lvl 60 and some 4* to their final ascension…

This is what I’ve been using for the titans lately. In combination of bear banners, healing potions, etc…


Again, wrong idea!!
If you move and slay a 3* titan, and get 1’st place you’ll be A+.
3 stars + A+ = loot tier VI
it wont change your actual gets


Yeah, that’s what I was trying to figure how that worked…Thanks…I might just stick around and keep doing my best in my current alliance…

Generally speaking, the higher the titan, the better for all the team.
A first place on a 3* titan in theory gives the same loot of a really bad scoring of a 6*, but with the second you have much more chance to get it (unless you are the stronger player by far in your alliance) and much less effort to get it.

Soooo… don’t choose an alliance being obsessed by the ascension items idea, but instead took one chatly and friendly.

Alliance members can really become your friends.

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As they get stronger, your titan level will rise. After killing 3 or 4 5*, a 6* will show up, and so on.
It Works this way:

number of stars + group position of the attacker = loot tier , being A+ (+3) A (+2) B (+1)

so, example, kill a 5* titan and get group A will be 5 + 2 = loot tier VII


Ideally you want to hit loot tier Ix as it gives a 3rd ascension roll which over time should provide more of the rare ascension items


@squall @Elpis @Talisax

Thanks for clearing that up…I’m totally happy with my current alliance, other than we need more bodies. We’ve been taking down 5* recently I think. And they do seem like an outstanding bunch…

I’ll keep the grind going as is…:muscle:

I’m kind of coming in at the end after you’ve made your decision, but I just wanted to add that you can always talk to your alliance for tips on how to score higher with each hit. For example, doubling up on the titan’s weak color, or throwing in Wu Kong, Boldtusk, or a maxed Brienne to add damage potential. They should want to help you get better. :slight_smile:

Totally, I hear ya…I’m somewhat new to the alliance and I’m just getting familiar with Titans. You have a good point, I really should reach out to get better…I have done my own research (and my own common sense) and already doing all that stuff. Currently working on Wu and Boldtusk will soon be my very first fully ascended hero. It was between him and Sir Lancelot. I hope I made the right choice…Haha…Thanks for the input…

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The important threshold here is Loot Tier IX. At and above this tier you get 3 ascension items, rather than 2. Strong rope and daggers are still available as a ascension items, but you jump the probability by 50% getting an extra draw—independent of the slight increase in odds of drawing a rare item that comes from each higher loot tier.

To get to at least Loot Tier IX, you need to fighting:

  • 6-star titans and getting A+
  • 7-star titans and getting A or A+
  • 8-star titans and getting B or better
  • 9- or 10-star titans (and not scoring a D)

That said, a good alliance is a lot more than grinding out titans. In this “Empires & Patience” game my allies keep my happy to be part of a community. It’s a nice perk that we also slay 10* titans that lands good loot, but we certainly weren’t anywhere near that level when I joined last summer.


I get tier IX yesterday and 0 ascension items

Should not be possible. There might have been strong rope or daggers or something like that? They might be lower tier but they are still ascension items.

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Thank you, dears!

Just what I was looking for!!!

A guy in our alliance asked me yesterday, and I can never remember the exact numbers :slight_smile:

I think others have addressed the topic at hand; however, that’s nowhere close to an optimal titan team and if you have that many 5*'s (I have neither Sartana nor Joon for example) then you almost assuredly have some better options in your deck.

Attack buffs (BT / Kiril / Lancelot / Ares / Wu)
Defense debuffs (Grimm / Tibby / Gormek)

Both of those are critical for titan scoring honestly… and 4*'s at 3/60 are stronger than 5*'s at 2/60 as well. While waiting for ascension mats anyway, start developing more and better options.

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Maybe they were objects of ascension like those, of which I have hundreds and I do not need …

A lot of items are “ascension items”. Look in your Inventory / Loot / Ascension Items to see the full range. Practice swords, rugged clothing, … the list goes on. Also note you could get like 3x strong rope, which counts as three ascension items.

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Maybe I do not express myself well. I wanted to say 0 materials of 4 * or 5 * elevation. Me and I guess we all have extra materials to upload 3 * heroes. But I’m not the only one who complains about the lack of injection in the game of 4 * and 5 * ascents, today they put a post talking about the amount of people who are leaving the game because of this problem

If every tier IX included a rare mat, they wouldn’t be rare. Thousands of players get tier IX every day.

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