Titan chest replaced?

I collected my loot from a Titan chest having completed 5 Titans. However, it was replaced with a 150 fire monsters chest. I usually receive a badly needed ascention item from Titan chests only. Have Titan chests now been replaced? Has anyone else experienced this change?

The purple 150 monster chest is the coveted rare Elemental Wanted Chest! Hooray!

Now just kill 150 Red/fire monsters (if your chest says fire), and reap the rewards!

If you are high enough lvl, you can fight the full fire levels: 19-4, 19-6,
20-4, 20-7

If you haven’t reached Province 19 yet, you can fight partial levels here:
2-2, 5-8, 11-6, 13-1

Most have the elemental chest replace the monster chest. For me, it usually replaces the raid chest. I don’t recall ever hearing about it replacing the titan chest.

You will love the loot when you open that chest. Enjoy!

Yeah, I’ve gotten one on Titan before; they all work the same way. :wink:

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I understand they all work the same but I don’t know if I like it replacing my titan chest. If a titan is killed while trying to fill it for the elemental, I lose out on that kill.

Hi Rook. I’ve been playing several months …this is the 3rd elemental chest I’ve received…2ND fire chest…one ice chest…this is the first time ever that my Titan chest was replaced…it’s very disappointing…especially since I’ve received the most higher ascention items only from Titan chests. I frequently rank A on Titans depfeared. I’ve only received 3 higher ascention items in many many Titan kills at rank A. It’s disappointing to receive mostly low rank items when you are rank A Titan hitter.

So go burn a world energy flask (or maybe 2, fire = le sigh) to make sure that does happen my friend :slight_smile:

Titans come and go and I’ve rarely gotten anything useful from a titan chest… I’d trade my titan chest any day for a purple chest; unfortunately I’ve only gotten 1 in that position.

Just on basic math the purple chests will only spawn maybe 4.7% of the time in a titan chest slot.


I’ve always gotten the most loot from a rare Elemental Wanted Chest, so I rejoice no matter where/when they turn up.

I haven’t paid attention whether the full Titan chest reappears after the purple chest goes away. Hmm…

Oh, never happen to me, lol.

Fill it up before your next titan dies (you got it right after your previous one died). You’ll instantly get a new titan chest open, so you dont have to worry about it!

Also the loot is at least 3 times better than a lucky titan chest, so i dont see Any reason not to be happy with it! :slight_smile:

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This is a great problem to have, the rewards are so much better from an elemental chest than a titan chest on the whole. I’d trade for it in a heartbeat.

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Just read in another forum post that some folks are not getting high ascention items as rewards from elemental chests or used to get epic summons tokens and are no longer getting those from elemental chests. But my original point was that I have been receiving higher level ascention items from Titan chests and had never before experienced the Titan chest replacement with an elemental chest before now. I’ve been playing longer than 6 months. I’ve never had a raid chest replaced by any other chest. I’ve only experienced the monster chest replaced with elemental chest 2 times the whole time I’ve been playing. Thanks for the feedback.

Anoria, I’ve noticed the rare Wanted chests give between 30-50 gems; the more gems, the less goodies in the chest. That’s been my experience.

I’ve played since April and have had more than 6 rare chests; 2 were Titan, 1 was Raid.

I am very happy for your good fortune Rook. Truly I am. However, my experience has been a great deal less than fortunate playing this game. I wish you all the best. By the way, my adult kids bought me a load of gems, about 20,000 worth as a birthday present to me. I pulled only 1 5* hero using the gems for summons…out of 20,000 gems and about $200.00 spent, I was disappointed in the result for the money they spent. I’ve never pulled a free summons for hero of the month either. Unlucky I suppose.

Don’t worry, we are close in unluck for HOTM and 5* = I’ve never gotten a single one of either.

Hope you have much better fortune going forward! :wink:

I always love your views. It slaps my negative nelly views right out of the room :slight_smile:

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I get a chest with two 4* ascension items, purple flask, epic token and 50 gems.
Just 1 problem… It was on beta :smile:

Never in my life i get again something like that.


I got Sonya, Azlar, Leonidas, Boril, Peters, AND Alberich in Beta.

At least it lets me know others can be successful. I like that. :smile:

Elemental chests are by far the most preferred chests since they are the only chest that give good items. I got unlucky in my recent one with dumb chain mail but nonetheless better than any Titan chest, hero chest or monster chest.

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Got Mystic Rings and Hidden Blade from elemental chest today, including 40 gems, 3 summon tokens, and an alliance flask.

Elemental chests >>>>>>>> Titan chests.

Period, end of story.

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