Titan chest nerfed?

In the past few months i noticed that the titan chests are giving very disappointing loot, so i started to keep track of them. The last 16 chests i opened only gave me 1 epic troop token that worths mentioning. Nothing else useful (some atlantis coins and loot tickets, ok but im not talking about those). When i started the game a titan chest was something that i was looking forward to because they had better loot than the regular ones, they gave epic tokens and AM more often than monster or raid chests. Now they are only monster chest what can be opened every 5-6 days. What happened to them?


I can’t say they were nerfed and I doubt they were.

I was disappointed with mine yesterday but such is life. Here’s to the next one being better!

My titan chests were amazing when I first started playing last April, but they’ve been consistently awful for months. I may have just been really lucky in the beginning though.

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I also used to look forward to titan chests, but have been consistantly disappointed by them for months to the point where I now expect them to be underwhelming, and they always are.


they definitely nerfed it!! i also tracked mine and i’ve got a single 3* AM since november…


I have never ever had anything good in a Titan chest, and we fill about one each week. To be nerfed they would have had to be good before.

@Mr.Sabaton Plenty of people clearly get bad loot in titan chests fairly often.

I know my personal experience is pretty varied, with some chests being pretty rewarding, and others extremely lackluster.

Obviously it stings a lot more when you get bad titan chest loot, since they take at least 5 days to fill — and for many alliances, it can be more like 6-7 days, as you noted, since letting titans go occasionally is usually a necessity for most alliances.

It’s sort of hard to judge whether the loot has gotten worse or not, not least of all because there are a lot of threads lamenting titan chest loot quality from a wide range of time, like these:

Judging by the time range, perhaps this isn’t so new. :thinking:

Multiple people have also suggested improving titan chest loot:

I’ve seen people diligently log their loot — as you have — and see long dry spells. So I always find it hard to judge even from something like your 16-Chest Unexciting-Loot Streak whether you’re just having remarkably terrible RNG luck after previously having better luck, or whether the drop rates have universally changed.

I do think continuing to track helps, both for insight and remembering when you do finally get good loot.

Others have noted the same:

Where To Next?

I suppose the question is what to do about it — some options:

  • Track more, and with more players, to understand better what to expect on average

  • Support one of the “improve titan chest loot” idea posts

  • Find comfort in sharing bad loot results with others who have bad loot too, and vicarious joy when someone actually gets good loot

  • Chalk up titan chests to being kinda meh on average, with rare moments of excitement, and focus on other sources of loot

Something else?

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Possible Merge of Topic — this is a common one, with no clear master; might be time to create one?)


The titan chest has always been bad, and nowhere near what it should have been. :slight_smile:


I can look to see what the last couple were, but this morning the Titan Chest was good to me…

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As there isn’t necessarily one “solution”, this topic has been more of the complaint variety in general, so no master thread.

I personally don’t expect great loot from monster, raid or Titan chests in general, and am mildly surprised when I get something. (I understand frustration when an elemental chest goes sour…)

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I’ve had the same experience that @Mr.Sabaton, @TigerDevil and @DBC have had: fantastic loot f/ Titan Chests when I started, and now nothing. I haven’t kept records, but I remember that for the first half year or so the Titan Chest was almost a guaranteed 3* AM for me, and now I’m going on 2+ months w/out a single rare AM. It seems beyond chance.

However, I don’t think the devs nerfed the drop rates at some specific point in time. What I think is going on is everyone gets better drop rates w/ Titan Chests than the other chests at first, but then at some point in your progression (maybe somewhere between player level 30–40), the Titan Chest bonanza comes to an end, and it becomes no better than the other chests. This would explain the “wide range of time” in which the complaints span.

That’s my best guess, anyway. I’d appreciate if one of the devs would either confirm or deny this theory.

[PS - I’ve experienced the same reduction in AM loot w/ Elemental Chests, starting about the same time.]

@KalamityKaspar Just got a Damascus Blade from a 5 star titan defeat a few minutes ago.

I know the mats come to me as I need them. I am borderline c2p and f2p. Most of the time there are dry spells and other times you get the good stuff. I don’t farm often enough to notice if there has been a nerf or not.

You are talking about titan loot, the topic is about the titan chest, the one you get to open by killing 5 titans. Titan loot can be good sometimes, and i also had some good ones (currently we face 11-12*s). The problem is with the titan chest, that you can open one in every 5 days at minimum, 6 or 7 days if your alliance skips a titan or 2 and the loot is like in a regular old monster chest which you can open twice a day.

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The chests, all of them, became worse and worse.
But the idea is: SG, please, give up on 12h pause between the first two (monster and raids), make them as the titan one. They should reset immediatly after they’re filled up. There are a lot of missions all the time, so no need for such a big pause (12h).


Not gonna happen. That would unbalance the game a lot. From the monster chest you can get ascension mats (even 4*). If you would farm at 8-7 you might be able to complete up to 5 chest / day. Plus up to 3 raid chests / day… In my case, that would also mean a lot of resources as some of the chests provide over 100k in food and iron.

Hi for all the people interested in knowing the real loot that can be obtained form titan chests, please help me via putting your data in the Titan chests project !

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