Titan chest loot reward

Something wrong with titan chest reward … it’s wired after waiting 5 days (if you kill a titan every day ) you open your reward chest and surprise… 1 star materials few gems and some food and iron .
Plz take a look at this … not fair waiting 5 days to get all this crap loot … not saying all high Am or materials but at least something that compensate the hard work of any player

I feel like they used to be a lot better, the last few months they’ve been on par with the regular chests.

Ive noticed that too. Many of my first strong heroes were taken from epic hero tokens that titan chests gave me. They reduced the rewards, other players are saying that too. Not fair… ugh… monster chests are not even worth it anymore tol

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Yea I rarely skip monster chests anymore. Unless its before bed or something they are just plain bad typically. The only argument is more skips mean faster elemental chests…

Platinum+ raid chests are worth it though.

It is claimed since months that Tinan chest loots are rubbish…so this is not new :frowning::frowning::frowning:

Most of my alliance get better stuff from mistic vision last time than from titan.
And we kill 11*-12* titan and 6*-7* in academy, loot is the same rubbish.

I got from my last Vision some Oil and one gem. My last normal chest had some Food, iron and one gem as well. And this is normal! Not what your alliance mates get…so don’t be so fussy! This loot you posted is absolutely great and worth the effort.

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