Titan Chest Improvment



I’d like to propose an improvement to the titan chest.

Currently, i see it as always providing 1 food, 1 iron, 1 craft, 1 ascenion item, 1 gem, and either trainer hero, flask or token.

In hopes to improve ascenion item drops, this is what i propose.

  1. Change 5 kills to 7 kills. That essentially means every week, you get this chest.

  2. Contents should contain 1, 3* or 4* crafting item, 1, 3* or 4* RARE ascenion item, 10gems, and a flask. This would mean every week, you have a BETTER chance of getting an item that would help.

The idea here is to have some incentive for everyone to keep on playing. Over and over you hear the same compliant of “not rewarding enough”. I would hope a weekly reward that contains a good item would help.

In case people think this is giving out items too much, you need atleast 4 weeks of THE SAME drop item, not to mention you need to kill over 28 titans straight without fail. Im certain not everyone can so this.

Moderators, can we try this out?

Community, feedback?


I just see this as one of the legion of other ways to deliver more rare ascension items to the player base.

Not sure the merits of this one over various others… I made a statement at one point about progression in this phone game being similar in time duration to progression in one’s career, and that it was ludicrous. I haven’t really seen anything to change my opinion of that even if I’ve stuck around since then.


Indeed true in many ways. We all want the best.
Just throwing another idea into the melting pot!