Titan Chest - GUARANTEED Ascension Items


You beat 5 TITANS!
Go you!
Your reward?
Junk …

How about this: Since beating a titan almost NEVER gives ascension items, why not put GUARANTEED ones in the loot chest? Give people a REASON to join an alliance and fight titans.

We recently had 4 of our top players leave the alliance (including it’s CREATOR) and the game, because they were TIRED of sitting on heros (that they PAID for with gems they bought), waiting, sometimes MONTHS, on items that NEVER come/came.

I’d say that the lack of ascension items is getting ridiculous, but from where were are now in the drop rates, it would take the light from ‘ridiculous’, 3 light years to reach us.


Agree! More Ascension items and Guaranteed loot in the chests… I won’t spend money on “maybe” items!


I’d love to see this; often our top scorers are the ones who don’t get daily Titan loot, and a guaranteed prize would help encourage them to keep fighting and playing the game.


Developers! Are you guys reading this?

How many times do top respected players who are now leaders of their Alliances have to explain to you why you all need to boost up on ascension items?

I’m a co-leader of my alliance and have to tell you the issue isn’t about me getting what I need, but the players in my team getting what they need. The leader and I talk about this all the time. What happens is members leave because there is no direct path to get what they need. I remember how tough it was for me to get the dream team I have now. I created 2 accounts to do so. That’s a lot of work. And that’s when the purple chests first came out and they were awesome! Now they suck. And rare quests, they were awesome, now they too suck! Yeah, players like me had it easy compared to what newer players are dealing with now. If was to have stared now, there’d be no way I’d continue. We got some pretty patient players on my team, but patience wears thin.

So I hear that the new 1.6 update is suppose to, at the very least, fix the Rare mission drops… hopefully back to the way they used to be.

As you guys are rolling out this new update, pay attention to the out cry over ascension items…that is so critical to what you are doing.

Oh one other thing:



^^^^^^^^^ This ^^^^^^^^^!


There was a dev response in the truly epic mordolva rewards thread that was cautioisly encouraging. Do not know where they are with 1.6 or if patch notes will be released/illuminating but it is a response.


Holy words!
It’s fair to contribute economically to this game, because we like and play it, but I dont find it right to force all players to spend a lot of money in order to participate “dignitously.” Even if you dont give great prizes with the Titan’s fights anche chests, it means that for you this game should be reserved only to players who can pay a lot of money. The shop should have the only advantage of getting something BEFORE a person who doesnt use it. In this case even playing a full year, the chances of becoming competitive are very low.


I agree. I started playing pretty soon after the initial release of this game, and I felt like I found exactly what I have been looking for. I have honestly thought about quitting because I’m literally doing nothing. I’m not earning any thing to move me forward. I do not expect a rate ascension item every titan, but I place 1st in a titan battle every day, and its been well over a month since I’ve received a rate ascension item.

And i feel like these forums are ignored. How many forums and replies have there been with us players telling them they are losing money and dedicated players over this? But they are too busy messing around with heroes (not that it’s not needed) instead of fixing this problem.


I CAN’T BELIEVE! Never seen a titan chest like this! 5 days, 5 “7stars” titans, everytime A and B grade and…!? If your goal is to let us go away, you are succeeding.


Have hope - I got a 4* ascension item from my most recent titan wanted mission (beating the 5 titans). I would say 1/5 titan battles gives me a 3* item.