Titan chest got reset when color chest appeared on it

hello, yesterday my alliance killed a titan and it was my 5th titan so the titan chest lit up. I did a couple raids and noticed I had a purple chest where the titan chest was. I killed 150 purple monsters and claimed the reward but the titan chest was reset to zero and I didn’t get to claim the titan chest reward. Is that supposed to happen that the color chests trump the state of the regular chests? Seems like a bug to me.

The purple chest appears only after you collect titan chest reward…

The chest would only have appeared in that slot when you opened the titan chest.

I.e. the steps that occurred:

  1. Your alliance killed the titan

  2. Your titan chest for to 5/5

  3. You collected the filled chest

  4. The purple chest appeared

Enjoy it! It’s the least pressure time one to fill as your next titan won’t be for hours :slight_smile: so you can take your time filling it.

You can check to see you did collect the titan chest by checking your recent activity log:
Menu -> support tab -> recent activity.

It’ll be listed under “wanted rewards” or something like that. You’ll know it as it will have both emblems AND Valhalla coins as rewards listed (plus some other stuff if you got lucky).


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