Titan chest gone

Checked on this and saw it was an issue a good long ways back but had been resolved and couldn’t see recent issues. Just happened today after titan chest was instantly replaced with a color chest and all 3 are visually showing. Visual bug or will I still get my titan credits? Thanks!

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Dude! Go take down red heroes ASAP. This is a GIFT, much more loot than a regular titan chest.


Elemental chests can show up at any of the 3 spots. They just usually take the place of the ordinary monster chest

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That is the best spot for an elemental loot chest to show up imo

Fill the chest and titan chest will automatically appear with no cool down timer and it doesn’t interrupt your other chests

You’ll wanna fill that chest before ur next titan kill though obviously

S2 province 3 stage 8 is my favorite


You’re lvl.64… this means you must be playing for about two years, give or take… never had this happen to you before?!


1st time. Guess I just never had that roll of the dice.

Thanks! I’ll knock it on out.

Nice noticing that. I have experienced 3 elemental chests in lieu of titan chests in my 2 years time playing this game. Twice i tried stalling it for me to have all 3 chests turn to elemental but the most i could do was 2, fat fingers and all. I only saw a screenshot here way back in 2018 or early 2019 who had all 3 chests turned elemental and posted it then. That was my inspiration to the same but i failed there.

Always wondered if that was possible, or just photoshop… I mean, elemental chests are usually weeks apart from each other…

I don’t think that was photoshopped. The player was a very well known one, though i don’t see him post anymore since 2019

Here is my log from 2020. As you can see, it happened to me in February.

I agree with @Rigs - consider yourself lucky and open it before your titan dies.

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