Titan Chest Cooldown delays Rare Chest

Not sure if it’s a repost, but is this intended?

I understand what’s going on. With the 12h titan chest cooldown when you leave an alliance happening at the same time as a Nature Chest, but I doubt the devs are aware of that situation.

No biggie. Just so you know.


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Good spot!
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Yikes. Definitely submit a support ticket on that one, if you haven’t already:

I’d make sure to include that screenshot.

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But if you farm the color chest you have no cooldown on the next? I have had happen that too for some month ago. Dont think its a bug.

aww man I would be doing this…




Yeah, but in fairness, that’s your go-to maneuver when you only get 1 emblem in your wanted chest too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Indeed, please submit a ticket so we can investigate this in more detail!


I did. Thanks.

To make it clearer… I killed my 5th titan filling up my chest, then left my alliance, and proceed on opening my titan chest AFTER leaving. The next chest happened to be a rare one, but the cooldown took effect.

If I had opened my titan chest BEFORE leaving the alliance, everything would’ve been ok I guess. It’s good to know for everybody.


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