Titan changes - Updates (including a war change)

  • Any time you beat your high score (for biggest single hit), you get a loot item
  • After you defeat a titan X number of times, your alliance can add it to war.
    • when all teams are defeated, the other side has to defeat the titan to ‘reset’ the board.
  • All titans of a particular color have a greater chance to drop “THAT” color’s loot. (purple- trap tools, tabards).
  • TITAN PARTICIPATION: Extra award slot in your titan chest, if you have used 6 flags per titan in your titan chest.
  • Alliance Leadership sets titan min/max threshold (providing they’ve beaten the min level)
  • Option to “Supercharge” your attack, get a *4 multiplier for your attack, costs all 3 titan flags, can be used once every 24 hours.
  • Option to “ask for help” where unaffiliated players can hit the titan for 1/2 the normal amount, and get some loot if they assist (but no titan fill chest)

Just some thoughts.

I really like item #3! :+1:

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