Titan Challenge: Lowest Point Score

This is supposedly for general discussion but the forum doesn’t allow me to chose it.

Anyway, after our experience in the first Path of Valor where we have a bit of difficulty accomplishing titan POV forcing us to use titan flasks when they are supposed to be used against rare titans, it was our practice and tactic for POV2 and POV3 to skip several titans days before the POV starts. That way, we face low-leveled titans and gradually go up to 10* to 11* titans and accomplish the titan requirements easily without using too much flasks.

And while skipping titans and since titan high score can be recorded in the player’s profile, we made a challenge among the group who could score the least point/s. Zero is unacceptable since it may be a result of the player just giving up or letting the time lapse by. So far, most could score 2 points or 3 points. The one who can score 1 point is definitely the winner. Anyone of you accepts this challenge?

Here are some of our points:

When we were starting a new alliance, and to ensure everyone got an opportunity to hit the titan we had a competition to see who could get the lowest hit.

We did try for 1, but alas 2 was the lowest score anyone achieved. Those were the days we would flee titan hits lol. Unimaginable now though. :wink:


To get a 1 score, you need to match 4 down the edge and then set off the whatsit, which means only 1 tile hits the titan (and has to be a tile of a colour you are missing heroes in)

Its possible… good luck!

I’ve never managed it lol

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@DBC Yeah. LOL. We know. The problem is that ideal board where that scenario you have just described is present. That is the challenge.

It’s possible obtaine 0 points using in rare titans 5 heroes with reflected colour

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Zero isn’t a problem at all, just flee.

1 can also be scored with Wu and 2 misses or a wall match with 1 miss.

Tricky to get a 1. :rofl:

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Technically you could match-4 in vertical rows on borders of board to create a shield then detonate it so that one tile that actually hits the titan has missing hero.

Honestly there should be some achievements for weird stuff like this, so it is at least worth bothering with it. :smile:

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Empty tiles don’t miss. They don’t have a hero assigned to them so they don’t get affected by the buff.


Ah yes, good point.

But other way would be get a diamond on vertical border row of color of missing hero then fire it so just one tile hits the titan. Good luck with that. :rofl:

Really, that shield is probably the easiest way to get 1 damage on titan.

It is quite funny, we took it to another level

We are cutting 3 of 4 Titans, so fourth one is fun time for us



Good for you, guys.

For those who haven’t considered it previously; scoring a 1 on a Titan requires a specific confluence of events. 1) that you took you a match 4 down one of the flanks, totally missing the Titan. 2) when you explode the dragon bomb, it hits a tile that procs only 1 damage. (So mono team is best odds) 3) you have to be trying for this, so probably only on 'passed titans.

My alliance mate finally pulled it off. I’ve been trying for a year (on passed titans), and have been unsuccessful. For me, this is one of those holy grail E&P achievements where everything needs to go right. Aaaaand I think it should be an achievement, specifically rewarding the Black Knight ‘it is a mere flesh wound!’ Avatar (or pin if the avatar is already out there …)

Thanks for reading <3, and thanks for any stray votes.

Couldn’t you just mana-pot-charge Wu and launch 3 off-color tiles hoping that 2 miss?

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Giving achievements for something that negatively influences an alliance is probably not going to happen, however wacky it might be.

off colors don’t miss

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That absolutely should be an achievement.

Should also be an achievement for an alliance collectively deciding to give absolutely zero @#$%s on a passed titan!

I actually like it when my alliance gets too high a level of titan. It means I finally get to take the day off and not worry about the stupid beast! :grin:


If you guys need me, I’ll be sipping margaritas by the pool.

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Aye. It could happen that way.

Buuuuut like, we call our titans pretty quick. Like we know when we are in over our heads and need to let one go.

Calling a pass early saves us item, let’s ppl go mercing. But those who stay are still gonna take a swing for that ‘passed loot.’

Other alliances should be doing that too. If they aren’t, then ppl could still look for the opportunity to score a 1 and ‘hurt’ their alliance by wasting that flag. But it’s a one and done accomplishment so that isn’t much harm done, losing one flag ya know :stuck_out_tongue:

@jesse1 thank ya :slight_smile:

I didn’t think scoring 1 point was possible - my whole alliance tried unsuccessfully, when we started a new alliance.

Huge Congrats :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:!

However now that we’re chaining 14* titans, achieving 1pt would be inconsolable :scream:!

I pulled it off too! I believe i was able to get a vertical dragon on the very edge (which allows all 4 tiles to not hit the titan). and then blow the dragon that is now there on the very left side. The single off color on the adjacent column 2 will hit the titan for 1 point and the other 2 are on the edge so they dont hit the titan at all

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