Titan Button does not appear anymoe

Hey there,

I have noticed a strange bug lately, the Titan button (I mean the red head, that automatically sends you to the new appeared titan)does not shows up anymore on the map. I have already tried to log out and in to the google play account and reinstalled the game completely. Didn’t helped, and this bug also does appear on a friends account (different smartphone) too. Anyone has a solution yet ?


The workaround would be to go to the “Alliance” menu and then click the “Titan” tab.

Or doesnt that work for you and your friend?

The red dragon head only works until you click it, each time. Afterwards, you’ll need to click Alliance > Titan > Attack to be taken to the Titan

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Yes the Titan Tab from the Alliance menu works, but that isn’t problem. I mean the red dragon head doesn’t appear at all, not even when a new Titan appears. It is just gone…^^"

I used to see the red titan head button on the map once per titan spawn… I think I’ve seen it once since the version update.

The alliance tab works, but if I’m already in map farming 8-7 and chat tells me there’s a new titan the head would be nice to have back.

Ah gotcha. Had actually not noticed, since I’ve been using the Alliance tab for awhile now.

SG reads the Forums. They will see this. Not sure if the red head being gone is glitch or by design…

Thus jug seems to be fixed.^^

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