Titan Butcherz recruiting new players 1 spot open no minimums. All levels welcome

Are you a new player looking for an active team of other new and experienced players or are you stuck on a dead inactive team. Titan Butcherz is your team. No drama, no overly competitive BS, no mandatory chat apps you have to download. Just play, chill out and enjoy the game with us. Our only requirement is hit Titans and if you don’t want to play wars opt out.
We’re open, just come in if there is room.

We still have a spot available. Just come on in and enjoy the game with us.

for active players that will attack the titan if that’s you come join my clam you only need to have 400 cups

We are fighting 5 and 6 star Titans, and we have won our last 3 wars. Come join us and grow with us

One spot open, we are a chill and teaching alliance. Everyone supports each other. All we ask is that you play. Inactives are kicked to make room for people who play

We just made room for one more player. We’re open. Just come on in

We now have room for 2 more players. Come grow with us!!!

One spot just opened. We are an open alliance. All level welcome. Just come on in and stay a while!!

We currently have one more spot available. We’re a friendly, chill alliance and we’re waiting for you!

We have 2 spots available. We are an open team currently fighting 6 star Titans. Come on in and join us!!!

We have one spot open and we are waiting for you. Come on in!!

Very chill crew, just be active. We are the perfect team for players new to the game and veterans who are tired of the strict rules of top teams. Come and and join us!!!

Just a quick peak of our current status. Join us and let’s grow this team together!!!