Titan Butcherz recruiting 2 spots open. No minimum, all levels welcome

We have an spot open for anyone interested in a chill team that likes to chat and wants to learn. We’re friendly, active and just want to have fun. Come see for yourself!!!

I’m looking for a progressive alliance, is the spot still available?

Here is how our team looks now, we’re doing 6-7 star Titans and we’ve been winning our wars. Let’s grow together!!

We have 2 spots open currently. We are a friendly adult and family alliance. We like to chat, teach and ask questions. Check us out!!!

One spot just opened up. We are an active alliance currently fighting 7* titans. We are chill with no requirements other than be active and opt out of wars if you don’t fight them. We like to talk, teach and have fun. Come grow with us!!!

I would love an invite. I’m having no luck with public alliances because most of the members are inactive. I’m bradk825 on the app.

We have a spot open. We are currently fighting 7 and 8 star Titans. We are the perfect team for anyone who is new or someone looking for a chilled out team. We’re open, come on in!!

A spot just opened up. We are a fun vocal team who just want to play and have fun. We are currently fighting 7 and 8 star Titans. We also like teaching players of all levels. The team is open so come on in and give us a try!

A spot just opened up, we are an active training alliance currently fighting 7 and 8 star Titans. We’re open so please come in and check us out!!!

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