Titan Butcherz is a super chill but growing alliance. Spots available

Looking for a competitive alliance but not one that feels like a 2nd job. Titan Butcherz is for you. We’re a super friendly and helpful bunch, fighting 10/11star titans and need you to help us grow. We’re an open team, so if you have 1800 cups, and an active player, please check us out!!!

We have 2 spots available now. We are family friendly with several married couples, brothers and sisters and fathers and daughters here. Come join our family and bring a friend!

Hey there. I just left my half assed alliance to join you. Dont quite fulfill all the requirements but im about to hit a milestone and will get there in no time. 1600 cups, 3400+ team strenght and will make a big leap in short future.

Not a problem. First and foremost we are a training alliance. We want to help you progress!

Alright! So how do I join? Cannot click join at your alliance. My nickname is fkun91

We have one more spot open. We are an open team, just come in!!!

A spot just opened up, we have two spots available. We’re fighting 10/11 Star Titans and we use ice tanks for wars. We’re a vocal team, of adults and we keep always keep it respectful. If our team is for you, then give us a try!!!

We have one spot open. If you like a friendly, chill group who is also competitive. Give us a try . We’re open and are waiting for you!!

2 spots have just opened up. If you are looking for a chill and fun alliance. Look no further, Titan Butcherz is your team!!

2 spots are still open. We are a friendly and vocal alliance. All levels welcome, we’re open just come in!!

Looking for a mid range alliance where wars and titans are mandatory.
7-8 start titans

Organised attack and rally preferred with mid term hits on respawns.
What’s your current war participation level out of 29?

We are currently fighting 10/11 Titans. We do not make fighting Titans mandatory but if anyone misses 3 in a row they would be kicked. Wars are not mandatory, anyone can opt out. But those participating must use all their flags. Out of our current 29 players, 27 participate in wars.
We are a competitive alliance, but we do not make it seem like work. It’s chill, with a lot of team participation…

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We just had a spot open up. We are an active team, constantly replacing inactive players with active players. Are looking for an alliance that is alive and vocal? We are your team!!

Hi, my current alliance is full and 80% of members haven’t logged in for a year. This is a bit frustrating because we are stuck at *** titans with just three or four active members. I’m looking for an alliance that doesn’t require you to treat the game as a job but is quite active. Currently at 1884 trophies, team at 3800, I play daily but don’t spend money on the game so progress is slow.

Also, would be nice to have a bit of communication within the alliance. The current members don’t chat at all :slight_smile:

Hi we are all the things you are looking for in an alliance. We are doing 10/11 Titans, very competitive in war and we are a very vocal group. Inactives are kicked, but most of us have been together at least a year. Give us a try!

Great! Join request sent! :grinning:

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