Titan Butcherz a chill but competitive alliance 10/11* Titans. Join the friendliest crew around!

We currently have 2 spots left, we are fighting 10/11* Titans and our only rules are to be active, vocal and use all flags if you choose to fight wars. Other than that we are a friendly, vocal and chill. Give us a try!!

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We currently have 1 spot available. We are looking for new members who are vocal and just want to enjoy the game. Using war flags is a must if you choose to participate in wars. Check us out and join us!!!

We currently have a spot available. The majority of our team have been here over a year. We have a friendly and vocal environment. Perfect for those who want to enjoy the game and friends who do the same. Join us today!

You have this in a lot of posts, what exactly do you mean by this?

Also, I’m just thinking I was in an alliance for a bit that said reading alliance chat was a requirement, but every two hours offline, there appeared 100+ new messages, almost certainly unrelated to the game or alliance, and i found it super annoying. If it’s like that, I know I wouldn’t be interested. But I’m just considering a change, not really sure yet.

What we talk about is mostly game related. You are not required to do anything, but if you are the type of player who doesn’t talk or respond, especially in wars where we communicate then maybe you are not our type of teammate. There are plenty of teams who don’t care, but we like teammates who communicate. Thanks for asking, I hope I answered your question.

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We have one spot still available, if you are looking for a chill, super friendly team but takes wars seriously, then check us out!

Have been with current alliance for over 3 years, but things have become too casual for my liking. (Thru no fault of their own though. Lot of RL stuff has come up according to LINE chats). Looking to change it up. If there is still room after I break it to them gently, I’m interested. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lvl 84
4800+ defense
50’ish leveled 5*

Of course we will welcome you, we hope we’re a good fit

Request sent. Ready to roll!

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