Titan Butcherz a chill but competitive alliance 10/11* Titans. Join the friendliest crew around!

Looking for a competitive alliance but not one that feels like a 2nd job. Titan Butcherz is for you. We’re a super friendly and helpful bunch, fighting 10/11star titans and need you to help us grow. If you have 1800 cups, and an active player, please check us out!!

Currently we have 2 spots open. Most of our players have been with us over a year. So if you’re looking for a very vocal, supportive and tight knit alliance, we are that alliance. Check us out!!!

We have room for 3 more active players. Join us with a friend or come by yourself we have room and you are welcome!

We still have spots available for active players. All we ask is is that everyone is active and vocal. Give us a try!

We have 2 spots to fill. If you are looking for a chill, relaxing alliance that still hits every Titan and competes in every war, we are that team. Join us today!!

Im intrested my alliance is dieing a death, since this new allinace quest happened. I am fed up doing the heavy lifting in our wars. Might give you a shot if your still recruting. Im sitting on around 2500 cups atm. thought some times I drop down a bit. But alwasys pop back up :slight_smile:

It’s sounds that we might be the right fit for you. Go ahead and apply and we can talk more in game

Sorry this might be a dumb question but How do I apply? Search titan butchers in the aliance screen? Ive only ever been on the one alliance and am in in it 2 years…

Yes that’s how you do it. Search in the alliance screen. We are under Titan Butcherz and you will see my name as the leader. Hopefully that will be the last time you look for another team

We have one spot left. Join us Today!

OK done it now. I want to kill things with you guys :slight_smile:

A spot just opened up. If you are looking for the type of team to settle down with and just enjoy, then we’re that team. Be active be vocal and most important have fun!!

I’m interested and would like to take that spot once this war is done. 2400ish cups level 57, active daily user

Sure, we’ll look forward to it . Feel free to ask us any questions

We just had 1 spot open up. Our rules are simple, be active, be vocal, hit Titans. If you choose to join us in war use all your flags, if not, opt out, it’s okay. We will only kick people who are inactive for 1 week, joining us in war and not using attacks and missing 3 Titans in a row. It’s not asking for much. If we are the right alliance for you, then give us a try!!

We have one spot open….what are you waiting for?!

A spot just opened up. All we ask is that you are active, vocal and use all flags if you choose to fight war with us. Opting out is okay too. So join us! We’re excited to meet you!!!

Happy Holidays everyone! We have 2 spots open for those who want to join a vocal and tight-knit alliance. Start the New Year right, and join us today!!!

Where are u guys based. Are u in the USA or Europe?

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We have members from both Europe and North America, but the majority is in the US.

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