Titan Burnout

So, after playing for well over a year (that’s over 365 days) and hitting something I despise three times, twice each day, I want nothing more than to pretend there is no Titan.

However, as soon as one is killed, low and behold another arrives. Then another. And another. And another, until you’re drowning in Titans just because your friends (which you hold dear) are relying on your participation in order to be successful.

People have begun dropping like flies, because well… games should bring enjoyment, not employment. I adore my friends, but you’re soon to lose me as well. I dread the Titan every day now. Why are there never any breathers? Can we not just hit less often and increase the amount of rewards the alliance members receive? I’ve begun to skip important events because of burnout that stems from the Titan. Our alliance has had fights over them, leaving some members to feel like a failure. Some folks have just quit the game entirely. Tell me… Where’s the fun in that?

The redundancy of the Titan has become a job… one that many people are obligated to perform while hating the process. Please think on that.

I’ve wondered off and on about whether there ought to be an option to not participate in titan battles, just as there is in wars, with similar auto-exclusion if you don’t show up a couple of times in a row. I don’t find titans terribly annoying myself, since I can spare the few minutes a day required, but some people obviously do.

I also wonder what the folks who care not for wars or titans are doing in an alliance in the first place. But that’s a different thread and I won’t derail yours.

Just my 2 cents.


I still enjoy wars, as it pits us against other real players, so to speak. And once upon a time, I enjoyed Titans as well. Since then, I’ve become invested in the friendships my alliance afforded me and still appreciate the social aspect of an alliance. Otherwise, I would have departed a while ago.

I suggest that you find another alliance which will be a better fit for you.
In Shannara Worriors we don’t mind if you skip a titan or two, or never hit one at all. Point of the game is to have fun and relax.

Many games deal with this by letting players control an aspect of the titan.

Alliances could pick their next titan. Use a queue of 3 so the alliance would know what to expect. Each queue slot would let you know if the slot was regular or rare titan.

Maybe let the leader, and co-leader, pick any level of titan from 1* to their current maximum.

To fight higher level titans you would have to repeatedly defeat your maximum star titan.

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Ultimately, you have that option. The game doesn’t punish you or the alliance for people not hitting – just that it’s going to be harder to take down bigger titans. It wouldn’t be any different if you were “opted out”, because the titan isn’t scaled to the number of active players, except in that it is a little bigger than the last one killed.

Maybe talk with your alliance to set up a day off (1-2 days a week or every monday) where everyone knows not to bother hitting it.

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