Titan Bug or what?

We had defeated a 8* titan and the next titan that appeared was a 7*, Can someone pls tell me if it some kind of a bug?

As far as I know, The next titan depends on how fast your alliance defeated the previous one.

I can assume that your alliance had some “weak” 7* titan that was defeated fast, so the next one happened to be an 8* titan. That titan was defeated slowly so your alliance went back to 7* titans (probably stronger than the “weak” 7* titan I mentioned before).

Pls read my post again "we defeated the 8* ", And we haven’t had 7* for maybe about a month, and suddenly this 7* appears, all my crew is surprised even the new members who have joined less than a month are saying since the time they joined they have been hitting the 8* titan.

As far as I know nobody has pinned down an exact formula for titans. There seems to be some element of random in there although there are also patterns. This is my punt at a GUESS:

The titan score decreases by 5% at a set time of day everyday. The titan score increases when titans die, this is not at a set time of day. I strongly suspect that titan score is one of the things taken into account when choosing the next titan. Basically I would guess that those 5% drops vs your killing history produced an outlier result. Nothing to worry about, just an easy ride for a day :slight_smile:

We’ve had the odd “blip” in titans. Once we went from a defeated 9 star to an 11! That was a shock.

It’s hard to guess what we’ll get but I agree with @DBC… just enjoy the swift kill and, you never know, you may get some great rewards!

Yeah, our blips are always in the wrong dirrection :grimacing:

ok, you never told us your alliance defeated several 8* titans for a month.

I said that your alliance defetead the 8* titan, but probably slowly, and that decreased the difficulty of the next one so you encountered a 7* one.

In my alliance we had the following titans a few months ago.

2* titan (defeated really fast) -> 4* titan (defeated almost with no time left) -> 3* titan

As far as I know, and this is my opinion, the difficulty of the next titan depends on how fast you defeated the previous one. If you struggled defeating a 8* one you could probably encounter a 7* in the next one.

One question: After defeating the 8* one and before encountering the 7* one, did any member leave your alliance? Maybe that affected the next titan in some way.

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Looks directly responsive to me…

Yes after defeating the 8* one member left and there was 8 hrs gap before the 7* appeared.

Well, I’m not 100% sure but losing one member could have reduced the difficulty of the next titan.

Lets assume my alliance defeated a 8* titan and after that, suddenly, everyone quit the game, leaving me alone. I can imagine that the game has some consideration of the alliance power and will make me encounter a low * titan, otherwise I will be having huge troubles for several titans.

That’s a very catastrophic example, but could be applied to your alliance. After losing 1 member the difficulty of the next titan could have dropped a bit, and resulted in a 7* titan showing up.

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