Titan bug after update

After the new update a new totan is arived but can’t fight it. Ots nog on the map en crashes the game. I took a quick picture…

Ooh yours is a rare titan! It has an increased chance to drop mystic rings. But it can’t be 1*, they have to be at least 5*. Can others in your alliance fight it?

The test can fight. But they fight a 7* yellow. So something is wrong… and I can’t save my progress (already had a ticket yo fix that, but still doesn’t sork. So I don’t dare to re intall the game :frowning: )

Something is amiss, but I don’t know what. I’m afraid I can’t help more.
Except the usual advises: don’t reinstall without without saving your progress and contact support (about this titan).

Hi Elf and sorry about the problem. Please contact the customer care and mention this post. We’ll try to understand what is wrong and get the issue resolved.

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Today the titan is normal again! I think something was wrong during updating.

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