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Now I like to believe there is no conspiracy etc but I have noticed alot lately and I’m not the only one in my alliance to notice it either, but with titans lately the boards have been heavily stacked with colours of no use. For example. Goblin king, green so naturally I take a stacked red team… But the colour of preference on my 4 hits so far has been dark tiles. I literally can’t see the red through the dark. I had just enough in my last hit to power up my reds specials naturally just once. I know alot of responses Wil be RNG but I don’t think I’m the only person to feel like this has happened lately. How unlucky can I be with boards?


I haven’t had this issue, but then I’ve never had an issue of boards stacked against me. I’ve heard people complain about it and I’ve seen bad boards of useless colors but they’re random and I see them even with a rainbow team. I just used two reds against a green titan and got plenty of red tiles. Earlier today I got almost no red tiles with the same setup. I don’t know if that info helps but if it does I’m glad to give it!

You mean like this ?



I should have taken pics myself, but I tracked the reds after each turn and was stuck on 3 red tiles after my 6th move. It was at that point I wished I’d brought all my purple heroes to take out the green titan. Logic in there somewhere I’m sure.

Just to reiterate my point, same green titan… This time I got a whole 10 red tiles. How can I be expected to do any damage with the tiles stacked so against me… Not eve a one of, this is the 5th time in a row on this titan where I have struggled to see any red tiles.

Well, many have the feeling that the boards are not random. But all people that really started to get data for statistic said that the board is in deed random.
I never believed in randomness but as long nobody has a proof…

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PLEASE search the forums before re-posting the same threads over and over.

Randomness of the boards has been litigated to death on these boards. Every time people have tried a rigorous collection of data, the boards turn out to be random. You are seeing what you want to see.


Bad boards can and will happen, personally, I always try to create as many diamonds as possible and get rid of colors which are of no use to me. Sadly, it requires using a lot of items and it’s painfully slow, 'cos one have to think it through.

When you take 4 of the strong color you are making a gamble. If you get lucky you’ll do massive damage if you get a bad board you’ll barely tickle the titan. It’s all part of the game.

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I always stack 4 + wukong and I honestly can’t remember a hit under 20k in a long time against 9* with hits over 75k being pretty frequent. So not even that bad of a gamble really. Even a total of 10 strong gems only (aka bad board) is enough to do damage with some items.

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The game board is 7 x 5, which means there are 35 tiles. There are 5 different colors. A perfectly even distribution would result in 7 of each tile. You got 10 tiles. So you’re complaining that an above average quantity of a certain color tile wasn’t good enough? Those are some lofty expectations.

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I think I feel that sometimes but it’s more because I play differently. I usually run a more stacked team and so I play all the same colour with some urgency.

When you deplete the board of one colour because you’re tryna play the strong tiles, you’ll notice the absence. If you match five red tiles, on average, one of the relplacements is red.

If you try playing for cascades you’ll probably see a different outcome.

If you run 4 reds + wu kong, a bad board stings harder. You probably aren’t running 4 + wu when farming. If you play differently, expect things to feel different!

And one of the reasons for this item to be in the game … is for players to use when they feel “unlucky” with the board, isn’t it?

Ask @Wormwood, why he has this item in his battle items string.

I have 7 of them in my inventory, … which I rarely use. Don’t ask me why, …


It also depends on what items you use too, like tough_e_nough said there are items that allow you more “insurance.” With a max 4* team 9* titans are pretty easy but once you start getting to 10* and 11* where one hit basically can wipe out 95% of your 4* hero’s health or even one-shot it becomes riskier.

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Tornadoes are your best friend… I really like using them to build momentum as I try to keep the titan stunned for as long as possible…
Specially the big boys like the ice giant…

Here’s a cookie-cutter hit on a 12*…

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No, you misunderstand, I didn’t start with 10. I ended the whole raid and only saw 10 red tiles in total. That’s after 90 seconds and how ever many turns I got in. So I don’t feel out of turn to be disappointed with that total.

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That’s amazing, @Wormwood!
Is this your highest Titan score?

… when they are at the hands of a pro like you.

Lol thx, nah, that was a fun one… I think have a 94k+ on a Fire Giant… Good times…

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Cmon mate. Really need your dramatic music with these videos :rofl:

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