Titan boards, for better or for worse!

Hey, is there already a topic this kind of pics belongs into? If not, feel free to share your worst (or best) titan boards. By the way, this is, under no circumstances, a thread destined for whining about boards being unfair, so please don’t. I realise during a titan fight every second counts, so it has to be an exceptionaly out of the ordinary situation in order to waste time with a screen shot. Anyway, here goes nothing :grin:


I know it looks bad, but I actually managed a 25k hit starting there :sunglasses:


Yesterday I managed a 30K hit with a mono red (by accident) +Wu team against a blue titan. My following hits with greens weren’t much better.


I’m not going to post here beacuse I can’t lose any second in titan fight :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, that’s 100% true, but that starting board left me so perplexed, I already had lost 3 seconds before I could react and take the screen shot :grin:. You can see the timer at 1:27. Actually, I was desperately looking for some way to make a diamond… :grin:. I went stunning it with the blue tiles hoping for a purple to land in the middle of the other four to make the diamond that could have brought some yellow to the board but it didn’t work out :grin:


What a great thread! Would be made betterer (awful grammar intentional) with videos :grimacing:.

I’m pleased I’m not the only one that does this :joy:


I had a bad experience awhile back. Logged on and saw that someone had left our titan on a little over 5000 hp. I immediately thought wow what a gift. Rushed into the attack and when the dust settled it was still a gift with 24 hp. I won’t charge in again. Big lesson is that there are no “easy” titan hits and if you give it a gap it will make you pay.


@Ian487 man you should have just walked with all dark heroes…look at all those dark tiles :joy:


Yes, I would have scored big on a yellow titan :grin:

No live screenie, but best board I ever had, 1st above 100K and possibly hard to top…


Have to add another pic…


Congrats, I’m still in the 60k range.

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