Titan battles ending before time runs out!

So this is twice in a row now. The first time I thought I accidentally bumped the flee button and jumked ship but then this morning it happened again. I had just bombarded him with a ton of blue tiles and was about to fire off all my heroes when suddenly…“fight over” but with 32 seconds left on the clock! Has anyone else been experiencing this?

Is there a chance that the titan’s special went off and killed all your heroes?


@Twist’s theory is definitely the most likely scenario

Level of titan would help aswell.
Anyone else in your alliance have the same issue?

Keeps happening to me … first flag crushed w 129k… 2nd stopped w 40 seconds left and 3rd stopped with 38 seconds… all my heroes were alive both times

Videos and screen shots would make it a little easier for us to see what’s going on and maybe see if we can see the problem.

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