Titan Battle Screen Freeze

Basically in the last second I pressed Auto Battle as I ran out of ideas, and the screen just froze and did nothing… I could press the auto button and check the color info tip though

I have video recording of it as well but i cannot post it here

January 27, 2018 17:59 (GMT +1)

I’ve had that happen to me a few times recently. When I force close, I still got credit for the hit, but it was frustrating.

I had the same thing happen to me on my biggest hit, I was so upset. I closed the app and opened it and saw the hit but couldn’t screen shot it. I took the screen shot of the hit after the fact with the attack log.

Same here - since I joined beta coincidentally I have been having odd crashes/freezes like this…just started recently for me.

I have experienced this a few times as well (I was about to create my own report, in fact).

Each time for me the circumstances have been the same: in the last seconds of a battle, gems fully charge Wu Kong’s mana special, quickly press mana attack and then Auto as the last second is running out (timing is key). The screen does not freeze in place, but the final message does not appear and you remain stuck on the battle screen as if the battle is still going but no one is attacking.