Titan Battle over after 30 seconds/ ending early


I started the fight with the Titan and after 30 seconds I was kicked out with the message “Time is over”

Country : Germany
Device : Samsung Galaxy S7

Bug on titan battle?

Yep, that’s how Titan battles work. Your shot is over after all your heroes die or after 30 seconds. Quick fingers matter!


90 seconds…


Adding this here. was part of a bug report for 3 separate bugs


I got kicked out of a titan battle with 30 seconds left on the clock. At 2:50 Pacific time.


What was happening at this time? Did your internet connection drop, etc?


Nope. I just started another battle as if the last one just ended. None of
my players were dead. I didnt cancel out or anything like that. I can’t
think of any action I took that could explain it so I decided to let your
team know. Just in case it has happened before or does again.
Really enjoy the game by the way. First time in a long time I haven’t
gotten bored with a game after a few weeks or even months.
No worries!
Great job!!!


I had the same problem right now …
Country : Germany