Titan battle issue


Had three different alliance members lock up in a titan fight today, resulting in a “0” score and lost energy flag. Anyone else have this issue?


I’ve seen 0 scores before…usually when my internet suddenly cuts out. :confused:


I could see that, but two of the three was almost at the same time. And they live in two different areas far apart. A little too coincidental.


As always, once you eliminate the possible, report via game support. From in-game:

Menu > Options > Support > (Technical or Other Issues)


Hasn’t happened this titan. I thought maybe they rebooted a server or something and it hiccuped on us. :slight_smile:


Lost energy flags due to server maintenance while game under processing to battle.


by defeating the titan did not give me any prize


As I said above in this thread, once you eliminate the possible, please contact Game Support. Here is how to do so now: