Titan battle activity/participation tracker

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Just something I think would help me and other Alliance Leaders - can we build in a feature that can show Alliance member contributions over time to Titan battles? I host an Alliance that welcomes new players, and find that there are a lot of players that join the game then slowly drift away for whatever reason. It’s tedious trying to go in to the history and see who did or didn’t participate in Titan battles, plus that only seems to show the last three or four battles. It’d be nice to be able to see in the Alliance members tab, the name of each member, and the number of Titan battles fought or the percentage of Titan battles fought over a certain time span (e.g. a week, a month).

This would allow Leaders, Co-leaders and Elders to draw up thresholds and rules for their respective Alliances and give all players a completely objective and consistent view of why they may be in danger of being booted.


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