Titan Banner and Titanium Shields

@zephyr1 I know you have probably used these in Beta. Do YOU think they do anything worth the mats spent to get them??? I just have not seen the return on them from my cost to make them.

There are 3 or 4 itens that are very very good that I constantly used in beta…

I don’t remember the names but I can say what they do:

  • A item just like Athena’s Special
  • A item that make random pieces from the board in a color of one of your heroes (4 pieces) *This was my favorite
  • A item that timestops and 3 of your heroes get full mana

There are other itens that ate pretty decent, titanium shield not so much, titan banner is ok!!!


Ok thanks AMD i will research and try to figure out what they are called

The full mana one is hurricane upgrade version of tornado

Scroll of Alteration. That was the most fun one :grin: Save your titan spines for it, IIRC it was quite heavy on those.

Tend to agree that the regular forge versions of some items are a lot cheaper and almost as effective.

I feel with the extended cost on upgrades has caused the game to become quite stale. You are stuck waiting for mats to replenish to do anything.

How exactly does the Alteration Scroll work? Can you help me please???

When you use it, you pick a hero, and 5 random tiles on the board change to that hero’s colour. So if you’re stacking red against a green titan, get a bad board, you can make more red tiles.

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