Titan attacks

Hi , we allready killing 10* titans so fast , what we have spare energy left , so why cant make world titan with spawning time 3 days , why 3 days you may ask , thats becouse aliance titan must be preority, so in them 3 days if you have spare energy you can kick titan . If you will make world titan dont put dmg list just 10th , 100th and 1000 place , so people will see how good they are . If you will make it balanced in rewards , maybe people will start make proper alliances , and stop ask for help.

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with the upcoming changes currently slated for 1.9 update, this won’t be an “issue” anymore. 10* will be MUCH harder to kill.

Where is the 1.9 list of updates?

currently in beta. subject to change and all. But we are looking at 10stars being more difficult. at least for us.

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It looks to me like only the top two alliances are killing 10* routinely and not letting any go. That’s leaves a lot of room for development in the rest of the community with Titan battle dynamics as is.


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