Titan attack – two hits by different players in short time, each showing different remaining HP

This morning I wanted to attack the Titan. My friend did also.
We are in the same alliance.
But when I wanted to attack for the second time I got the message that the Titan was already dead and had to wait for the gifts. But in the meanwhile my friend was attacking the Titan and there were 4000 points left. How is this possible?

The real question here is: “Is it worth wasting one flag on a titan that has 4000 hp left and is already under attack from someone else?” My answer to that question would be: “No! the titan will probably be already dead by the time you try attacking it. Keep your flag for the next titan…”


If I want to use a life on the Titan is my choice. We like to dare each other with points and trofees.
The real question is, is this game real or fake? How is it possible that my dragon is already dead and my friend’s dragon has 4000 points left?
Something is wrong about that

Of course you decide how you use your flags, I just stated my point of view… What might have happened is that someone else was attacking the titan at the same time as your friend and they both were credited with the kill. If so, I guess the scoring is going independently for each of those attacking at the same time, and the final score, resulting in the titan’s death, will appear for the last one fighting only after he finishes his strike. So the titan might be already dead but you can still fighting it until you get to the end of your time or you take down the remaining hit points on your screen. Not sure this is correct, it’s just theory. Taking titans down at the same time as other alliance members happened to me before and if I recall correctly we both were credited with the kill, but I have no idea if the strikes ended at the same time for both of us or not. Maybe some game specialists might help with this one.

@Kerridoc, @Garanwyn, @zephyr1

It’s possible for multiple people to attack at the same time, their damage is recorded after their battles.

The HP shown remaining in those battles will be based on the HP as of when the battle began.

It doesn’t update “live” in your battle while someone else is attacking.

In cases where the damage from one or more of those concurrent attacks was sufficient to kill the Titan, its death is recorded. My understanding and observation is that only one of the attackers will be credited with the finishing strike, even if multiple hits overlapped.

It’s actually possible to waste flags this way if multiple people attack at the same time when a Titan is near death, so some alliances make a point of “calling” their hits when it’s close to death to avoid using extra flags that can be saved for the next Titan.


Just to expand on the explanation a bit:

You wouldn’t want the server to force-synchronize all the data to your phone instantly, because it would be very expensive in terms of bandwidth.

So the health shown on the titan isn’t a real-time continuous update, but rather a “last time it pulled the value from the server.” Nor is each instance of a titan fight exactly synchronized with every other instance. They allow a bit of slack between them, so that things like a ratty connection on your friend’s phone doesn’t interfere with your fight, and vice versa.

So it sounds like your friend’s instance of the fight was a little behind where the server copy of the titan was. 4K is a tiny value–often just a couple of hits’ worth. We are probably only talking about a few seconds of slack time in synchronization. And that’s a reasonable design decision when you’re making a massively multiplayer game.


So, I hit titan and dropped it down to 16156 left. Then 1 min later My husband sitting right next to me starting attacking & it said titan life left 16156 but the attack actually started it said 29957 life left it went up 13,801. Below are the screenshots with time stamps. He also didn’t get the kill shot and there were no other hitters between the two me hitting first and him hitting right after me. image image image

my incident happens way too many times in my entire alliance there’s attacked i’ve done and others have that they screen shot the damage but it didn’t count it and the attack isn’t on the attack log. but the sceeen shot shows it and the flag was still used

I’m curious: did someone in your alliance snag the damage list? For our titans, it always totals to the correct value. I assume this behavior is just cosmetic, but it would be interesting to verify that the damage numbers are square.

Cubs damage value was way above the left needed to kill the titan. I’m not sure what’s going on we will pay more attention and see this week

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That would be great. I’ve been trying to keep an extra close eye on our as well. If there’s a bug with titan damage, it would be really nice to get SG working on fixing it…

so two days ago while i was hitting titan and it was close to dead the titan all the sudden went back up the same amount of life it had when i started my attack on him. then Cub started to attack and on his screen it showed titan dead shortly after he started attacking. But on my side i was still battling the titan and it wasn’t dead when my time ran out :thinking:

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I’d submit a support ticket on that. Sounds like something is definitely wrong.

@KiraSG sounds like there’s some definite weirdness happening with titan health from time to time when it’s close to death.

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