Titan attack timer slightly off?

I’ve noticed recently I haven’t been able to get my last move (tile swap) off when hitting titans. It’s like the attack ends when the timer hits 1 second.

Has anyone else noticed this?

** Updating below to list titans I’ve noticed this on:

  • 12* Fireblade Giant (Apr 24)

Yes. Me too but somehow not for every titan.
Last second cannot be used to swap or clicking hero quite often.

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Same. The last Titan we faced, no issue with the timer.
I doubt the timer goes by your phone, or people would find a way to abuse it.

Don’t know what is causing it since it’s not consistent. Inconsistent bugs are the worst :slight_smile:

I will try to track each titan color, name, etc. to narrow it down.


Are there minions up? Their animation can slow things down.

In general I noticed a lag was introduced a while ago between the titan hitting and me being able to swipe. I used to be able to swipe directly after a hit, but now there is the slightest of delays (not 1 second) that I’ve had to adjust to, or I try to swipe and then have to swipe again to actually move the tile.

No minions here.
It’s not that I can’t swipe, it’s that the “Fight Over” pops up before I have the option :grin:

ahh…haven’t noticed that.

The lag time in general is fairly frustrating with the animation, I’ve noticed the same somewhat after a combo that didnt hit the weak spot, usually there is a small lag between the last tile hitting and the titan striking back but it’s been that way for since I can remember. But although frustrating I guess it’s fair for all, so many times theres a diamond left on the field that I’m mashing to go off, never does. :frowning_face:

Looking back at some of my fights I think I found “my” issue. Is it possible that you have a hero with a heal element link, or a heros skill that regens health. I’m noticing that brief heal is making me lose a little less than a second everytime.

I’d assume that goes the same for poison or burn for and against. Things get easy get overlooked when on a timer.

What I’m referring to is different – like when all your heroes die before timer runs out (but around 1-2 sec mark, with heroes still alive).

I have noticed that with 3 or 4 seconds left on the clock, expecting to get one final rlattack, that suddenly it’s over.

The real timer is server side to prevent manipulation. So if there’s some data lag, it’ll appear that the fight ended too soon.

No minions here too…

This is what I was thinking, but it seems to have started recently (maybe the last 2 weeks?). Given the inconsistency, though, this could be the reason.

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