Titan attack Strategies


Just curious what other people’s titan attack strategies are. Do you use healers, defensive heroes or all full out attack heroes. Also what is your damage output to Titans?

I currently use the following:

Brienne ***
Scarlett ****
Valen ***
Bane ***
Balthazar ***

Haven’t been lucky to draw anyone better than Scarlett yet.

I average around 20k damage output to 5* and 6* titans.

Items I use are Mana, heal, arrows and turtle banner.


Against 7* and above titans I have found axe attack to be extremely valuable. The decrease in attack allows your heroes to survive multiple hits. I also use arrow attack, bear banner, and antidotes if necessary.


I agree with ZeroMark. I find one axe attack at the beginning gives me time to build up mana and do a few of my specials.

In my last alliance one member liked to restack his teams so he had two of the strong color vs the Titan. He felt it helped. I tried it but didn’t see that large of a difference for me.


I’m prolly doing something wrong, but I like:


Snap either of the first two options, mash the mana and health as needed; line up colors vertically 3 in a row within the moving field to Stun Titan and pray for as many combos as I can get… :grin:


I’ve been treating Titans the same way I do raids, except adding meteors, heals, antidotes and mana potions. I’m considering revising my approach, however, based on the posts in this thread. I think my tactics might be off. Thank you all for your comments. You’ve opened my mind.


My team works really good in raids, but not as good as I would like with Titans.
I have both Kiril and Boldtusk but think it would be better only 1 healer+attack and instead have one more single attacker. Do you use healers in Titan battles?


Alas I have no healers, but I’d sure like to try that. Anyone with better experience?


And maybe i’m just to slow. Battling items can be of good use in Titan battles but sometimes I think I waste important seconds using them instead of attacking, so I try out different strategies to see what works with my team.


For a long time I only focused on leveling up my 5 main heroes. The further into the game you go you start to realize that you need different heroes for different teams. I recently got Grimm up to speed and replaced Boril for my attacking team. I love having Boril on my defense team, but switching in a great attacker like Grimm has increased my average titan hits by thousands. I am always up for more tips and strategies though, so keep this thread going!


I find healers are great for province battle, raids and defense but for Titans it just decreases your damage output. Since titan battles are timed, you want to get the most damage as quick as possible. The only time you would probably bring a healer is for surviability. If you die team consistently dies before the end of the battle then either your team is not strong enough or you need a healer or more heal potions.

My titan team uses fast hitters such as Scarlett along with Riposte and debuffers such as Gormek, Tiburtus, Grimm. For 3* Valen and Bane are pretty good and of course Brienne for attack buf.


I have Kiril leveled up on my map/raid and my defense team but would like to build up a blue single attacker for Titans. I’ve been lucky to get both Sonya and Grimm, which would you prefere? I think Sonya have an advantage against Titans because she is fast but Grinms lowering defense could be valuable too.
I’m only at 4* star titans so I don’t no what it takes to bring down the heavy ones.


Grimm. The defense debuff will help more.


This strategy was very popular in the alliance I just left (to create my own).

It never worked for me…at all! But it worked beautifully for these guys who were always the top 3 hitters making 100 - 300K titan kills.


Breianne and grimm work really well together, mana up breianne 1st, then mana grimm then hit with him, use bombs, axes, banners as well.


Who same as me? So noob that just come here to view comment to learn something in game. :))) I’ve just played and die all the time. LOL

Nobody is perfect but you’re always my hero, only and forever**.


Yandre, check out Coppersky’s game guide:


I use Brienne and Vane on the flanks (and vary my center three depending on titan color between 4 and 5* heroes) and mana boost each, attack up and defense down can be a lethal combo. Pair that with some axes/bombs and bear banners and your team will survive but do a ton of damage. This is on 5*. That said, I don’t have a great selection of titan attackers, though with my recent ascension of Sartana to 3rd level I have noticed my output is up 2-3k consistently. Much better than I expected.


Coppersky’s guide is useless in regards to answering this question. It’s a very very basic guide for newbies. Here’s what it has to say about titan attack strategy:

“Talk within your alliance and with other players to see what titan strategies they’ve got. One to get you started - If you send 3 or more gems up into the weak spot that is marked on the titan then you have a chance to stun it. Lower * titans are easily stunned, bigger ones not so much. Highest known titan when this guide was written was a 9*!”


For me titan attacks are a matter of… timing.
You do need a good team with a good sinergy, but using their skills at the right moment in the right order on the right spot makes the difference.

And this you have to learn by yourself.


Maybe we should rewrite part of that; three tiles (unless using Wukong) will reliably stun any titan from 1* to 10* in my experience of facing many of them.

Titan strategy isn’t one size fits all, higher level heroes help, doubling (or even tripling) can help, buffs and debuffs can all help, and then there’s just the almighty RNG: if I get a strong color gem and plenty of associated tiles on the board, I’m going to get a way better than average score… if I don’t, I won’t.