Titan attack more focused?

Me and my ally members recogniced the last 3 titans focused his hits.
We had a 8* gorgon and now a 8* fire dragon as well as a 9* yellow dragon.
All this titans had a similar attack “pattern” in my fight against them. Other Allymembers told me they had similar attacks what they didn’t before.

I fought about 4-6 times each titen, and thats why this is a strange thing.
First I shot always arrows to blind them, the first 5 atk hit from each titan.
All 3 titans striked always, and i mean always!!! In the first two attacks my wukong. In 8/10 battles.
If i heal him up to survive the second strike. He gets hit a third time! Dead again! Really?!??!
Second hero he striked down was kiril 5/8 fights they did. Also dead, eaven I heal him up, third strike and he is dead.
Its also quiet strange to see the titan hits my heroes about 28/30 hits.

Did SG changed something since season 2 updated or the bugfix update after?

Earlyer titans never been so focused on hitting one hero to death and then the next one.
Pretty annoying…

May be some line of code will be looked like this:
For i = 1, i<=5, i++
If (Search_name(playerteam(i) == kiril or wukong or boldstuck or vivica or melendor) then
Do_attack_random_time(playrerteam(i),random_time(3 to 5)

Devs will let the titan destroy all healer, buff attack first or they will control the rate of tile color for healer, all board have 35 tile right? If your healer is kiril blue, i bet the blue tile will come less than ussual. Believe me or not? Up to you. But im a dev in some game similar, i understand so Happy to enjoin the game due

I’ve also noticed titans attack Wu almost exclusively and repeatedly, but in my case it has started with 9* titans, 8* titans usually attack random hero. It’s possible titans prefer to attack low HP heroes first.

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It’s AI finally running. If you were the titam, who would you attack? Why the titan has to be dumb?


Same here. Wu is first target and hit several times in a row, usually healers next and blindling arrows are not really effective. I already had fights where every hit was not missed…

Yeah, fighting titans is more and more challenging over time.
It seems they get an attack boost, sometimes a defence boost and even intelligence now.
While i don’t dislike more challenge, i do dislike once again lack of comunication.

Everytime we have to discover this by ourself a piece of trust simply fade away.

Is it really that difficult write a post abouit it before it take place?

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