Titan Attack Fundamentals - (new player Titan guide)

Be nice if we could turn off the animation from special attacks for time critical combat like Titans


I completely agree 100%! Have you noticed after the timer runs out, the titan gets to still hit us?! We should definitely be able to use any lit up heroes, at the least.

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Thank you for all the information. I’m gonna definitely have to put this all to the test and hopefully get my numbers up.


I loved this! It was so informative and helpful. It was long but really worth the read - for me anyway. I fought a titan immediately after reading this and had my highest scores ever! At first it is hard to believe that my “stronger heroes “ needed to be put aside and my heroes that might not be as beefy but were the correct color to fight a titan of an opposing color would do well. I am a believer! Great battle! High scores! Cannot wait for another round! Thanks!


If you use Miki with a titan, does BT add the 48% on top of Miki’s buff?

I know that you cannot stack Ravnir and Miki so I’m wondering is there a max damage %you can get


Here’s Miki’s special description:

“All allies get +130% normal attack that only applies when the enemy has more HP than the attacker. Stacks with simlar status effects up to a maximum of +170% normal attack. The effect lasts for 5 turns”

So, it will stack with other attack buffs. So if you use BT, the total attack buff will be 170%. :slight_smile:

Usually, if two buffs/debuffs have the same symbol it will get overwritten. So Miki’s buff can only be overwritten by Tarlak. Any other attack buff will stack. Check this following thread for more details. :slight_smile:
📑 Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks


Would C Cat and Panther stack on titans? Anyone know?

I do know that the answer is yes, those two debuffs stack. (Of course, CCat only works against yellow titans IIRC :slight_smile: but I’m sure you know that :rofl: … I uhhh. May have been confused by CCat not defense debuffing all enemies when I took him in raids :)) )

Hi Everyone,

I have a question about fighting titans, specifically battle items. I moved to a bigger alliance and now I fight 9*/10* titans. They are much stronger and I struggle to keep my 4* heroes alive. For example my Boldtusk +CB +19 can survive only 2 hits. Usually I take small antidotes, mana potions, axes or arrows, but I feel that for stronger titans it’s not enough. Could you advice which battle items will be better for weak teams fighting stronger titans?

Time stops and tornadoes is everything you need to keep your heroes alive.Yes they are expensive but totally worth it.

Items I am using (14* titans)

  • time stop 1x per attack only … cheap version to save iron : arrows
  • harpoon: 1x on first attack for the loot
  • tornado: 1x per attack only…if I cannot stun in the beginning
  • revive scrolls: when going with 3* Nordri, Melia or BrienneC
  • mana pots: usual regular 60% to go perfectly with tornado 40%…or small if I am short on ressources
  • bear banner / dragon banner…for atk up and to counter atk / def down by the titan
  • scrolls of alteration: to improve scores

Obviously these are more than 4 different types. So I switch around accordingly. I keep in mind which items to use on which team.

I even stopped using antidotes on titans. (Rigard, Malosi, SonyaC, Bear banner or dragon banner instead)

I do never ever use axes or turtle banners. They are not reliable. Your heroes can still die on the first hit. Crap. I never tried using them together. This might work but will already take 2 item slots. Not my cup of tea.

Axes are good for challenge events. Turtle banners I burn all in the AL.

Sometimes I survive with the full team. Often I survive with 1 or 2 heroes left…sometimes my last hero dies in the last second. Only about 1 out of 20 fights doesn’t go over full time 90 sec.

You need to figure out which items will fit your playing style.

The best hero to keep your team alive: Wilbur


I use turtle banners and axes to increase survivability. Mana pot the healers as needed and if you can afford it time stops are great.


Thanks for this awesome info, I thought that my missing hero tiles could stun a titan but wasn’t sure. Thanks alot and this is amazing information!

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That even can be a benefit. Missing heroes can’t be blinded and are not affected by Wu Kong / Ranvir. So missing-hero tiles can never miss.

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My heroes vs 13* titans also die in 1-2 hits :slight_smile:

In my experience axes and turtle banners don’t reliably provide safety from an extra Titan attack. As a result I don’t take these items.

My staple items are:

  • arrows. (It is inconsistent, but since your roster is gonna survive between 5-10 Titan hits, this on average puts you at 6-12. It’s reliable over time if ya will :slight_smile: ) they are cheap and in their own way reliable.

  • mana potions - whatever kind I have materials to produce. I eventually run out and end up running for days without mana pots. This experience has me able to say: man they make a difference lol

  • antidotes: they’re not so important vs the defense down Titan really. They’re probably gonna kill your hero on the next shot after they defense down them either way, BUT having to change my items 1/5 titans does not work for me lol. I forget and then I’m dealing with blind or some crazy damage from fire or poison and it’s GG Brian D :stuck_out_tongue:

  • more mana potions or dragon or bear banner or harpoons: ideally one of these things if I have mats and made them. Any of them work.

Of course there are items which will reliably save your heroes - time stops, tornadoes, revive scrolls… but do you farm enough to keep these in stock for 4-5 Titan attacks a day? I sure do not :rofl: so what items you can take vs a Titan is somewhat dependent on what other activities you prioritize and how much farming you’re doing. I’m not sure if players who farm tons can even consistently use these items.

So your heroes will probably die quicker, is a truth as you go against tougher titans :slight_smile: make sure you take stuns when you can get them. Fire arrows if you can’t. And cross your fingers ;p


Yes, I do that all the time :slight_smile: I’m trying to hit titan’s weak spot and if I cannot, then I use arrows, but sometimes I’m unlucky and arrows only deal 100 damage, while titans kill my heroes one by one and don’t miss even once. :stuck_out_tongue: I would love to make more tornadoes or time stops, but I use two builders and I’m always short of iron.

I would like to thank everyone for all the advice. :heart:


Also, 4 mono plus Wu-Kong can be a good way to up your total hit score!

My alliance brings down 7* titans, and my 4* heroes often don’t survive. I’ve heard it takes battle items to boost my performance & survival further. What battle items do y’all take against titans? I bring antidotes and tornadoes, but I only use tornadoes very sparingly. Do y’all high-class busters use a lot of Hunter’s Lodge equipment? What should I research & stock up on?

My alliance fights 11* titans. I generally use Turtle Banners, minor mana, large mana, and antidotes/bear banner/harpoons depending on the situation. Cheap items go a long way (such as arrows, axes, and banners).

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Do you keep turtle banners active every turn possible? How often do you use mana potions? Are you often using multiple mana potions in the same turn? I’m a little worried about the time it takes to get mana in my heroes like I’d want.

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I use turtle banners the first time I can’t make a match that will stun the titan. Most of the time I only use one. I use large mana on wilbur to start the fight and minor when I want to get a healer going, when a hero such as defense down is close and I’m going to make a big cascade. But yeah plenty of times my heroes have low health and I use several minor mana pots on my healer to bring the team back up.

I find minor mana pots to be incredibly cheap. Same with arrows for the blind. I have plenty of banners without specifically crafting them. I took longer than I should have to start using them in the game.

Against a seven star titan the biggest improvement you can make is hero selection/availability.


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