Titan Attack Fundamentals - (new player Titan guide)

It’s a 12* titan

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Well you almost have it all right. Some buffs do stack. If you use kiril and Wu on a titan ( which is advised if you have them both) when Wu and kiril are ready for their special if you hit Wu first the kiril you have a 245% attack. The 185% for Wu + the 30% for kiril. So you are working with 246% attack. However if you hit kiril first then your attack buff drops considerabily. You would have kiril 30% plus Wu’s 185% bring it down to around 115%. Because you have 185% of 30% instead of 30% of 185 percent. You can check The buffs by tapping a hero it brings up a box of their stats. There are quite a
Few buffs that stack.

12* is strongest titan right now

Antidotes are usable pn higher level titans. Yellow blinds you the antidote clears that. We are on 9* titans and antidotes keep you accurate and not blinded by a yellow titan. Everything you create in forges is useful on titans. The higher ranked titans 7* and up it is a
Advised to use antidotes… We do.

I agree in the beginning all I had was Kashhrek Boldtusk Thorne Guinevere and LiXiu

Thank you for really explaining in detail about fighting a Titan. I am fighting my first one today and this really helped me think about strategy…


Thanks for posting to say so @Marina4, and welcome to the forums!

I built this guide exactly for you… and when I think about updating it for someone with a 30-deep roster I’m totally letting myself forget the audience I made this guide for in the first place. So, thank you for reminding me :slight_smile:

Best of luck killing those big beasties! Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:


Thank you for this resource!

They show up every 23 hours, and you have 22 hours to kill them.

Am I just imagining it, or does any tile hitting the weak spot automatically crit?

Finally, I know you talk about buffs and debuffs, and even stacking them, but maybe you could cover a little additional strategy, too? Specifically, I’m thinking:

  1. Use your buffs and debuffs at the same time. Hitting a titan with attack down can be done whenever, because it helps to keep you alive. But waiting to coordinate hitting the titan with defense down and then buffing your heroes with attack up may be better than hitting it with defense down one turn and then attack up a few turns later (unless you’ve got a diamond and you know you can replenish mana quickly.)

  2. Time your specials carefully. If you’re fighting a purple titan and your screen is full of purple tiles, maybe you want to clear those before wasting turns of your specials.

I guess these may be good tips in general, but I know for myself, sometimes I slam specials ASAP because of the limited time in titan fights, and then I regret it when my tile cascade shows up the turn after WK’s buff wears off.

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10 Star Fire Titan vs. 5 Star Mono Ice Team

Batman Returns is preparing to head north, along the way we get to revisit Titans of the past. Today is first-time we BaTs could truly HIT a Titan (team was trying to equalize titan damage per member).

This may be useful for some to see - likely those coming up to a 10 star Titan. RaZ


Red beats green
green beats blue
Blue beats red
Yellow beats purple
Purple beats yellow

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Please let us to finish all our moves when we are attacking a Titan after the time runs up …!
I show you what I mean in the picture below!

Do you agree with me guys?!


20 No… it’s boring but that’s how it has to be imo…
You have the first move… Titan should have the last unless he is stunned…
What you suggest doesn’t make sense to me… It’s almost the same of giving titan first move when beginning a fight… Why would players always be favored and have the right to make the first move?


Be nice if we could turn off the animation from special attacks for time critical combat like Titans


I completely agree 100%! Have you noticed after the timer runs out, the titan gets to still hit us?! We should definitely be able to use any lit up heroes, at the least.

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Thank you for all the information. I’m gonna definitely have to put this all to the test and hopefully get my numbers up.


I loved this! It was so informative and helpful. It was long but really worth the read - for me anyway. I fought a titan immediately after reading this and had my highest scores ever! At first it is hard to believe that my “stronger heroes “ needed to be put aside and my heroes that might not be as beefy but were the correct color to fight a titan of an opposing color would do well. I am a believer! Great battle! High scores! Cannot wait for another round! Thanks!

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If you use Miki with a titan, does BT add the 48% on top of Miki’s buff?

I know that you cannot stack Ravnir and Miki so I’m wondering is there a max damage %you can get


Here’s Miki’s special description:

“All allies get +130% normal attack that only applies when the enemy has more HP than the attacker. Stacks with simlar status effects up to a maximum of +170% normal attack. The effect lasts for 5 turns”

So, it will stack with other attack buffs. So if you use BT, the total attack buff will be 170%. :slight_smile:

Usually, if two buffs/debuffs have the same symbol it will get overwritten. So Miki’s buff can only be overwritten by Tarlak. Any other attack buff will stack. Check this following thread for more details. :slight_smile:
📑 Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks


Would C Cat and Panther stack on titans? Anyone know?

I do know that the answer is yes, those two debuffs stack. (Of course, CCat only works against yellow titans IIRC :slight_smile: but I’m sure you know that :rofl: … I uhhh. May have been confused by CCat not defense debuffing all enemies when I took him in raids :)) )

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