Titan attack energy

Just a question really. I am a level 43 player but I only seem to get 1 Titan attack every 4 hours when it seems others in my alliance seem to get multiple attack energies faster. I’m not complaining, I’m just wondering how to get my Titan attack energies faster and/or more often.

The respawn for Titan energy is 4 hours.
However, your teammates could have extra attacks by using Titan energy flasks (which refills your Titan flags to full) or they may have leveled up which restores all energies to full (World Energy, Raid Energy & Titan Energy).

Maximum titan energy and recharge time don’t change with level. Everyone gets one energy every 4 hours up to 3 energy at a time. All energy is refilled if you level up or use an alliance flask.

Your alliance mates are either leveling up or using flasks (or spacing out their attacks in a way that makes it look like they’re recharging faster). I can always tell when someone in my alliance used a flask (if they haven’t leveled up and they did more than 3 titan attacks within a 4 hour time span, they used a flask).

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