Titan attack energy refills

This subject has been brought up frequently. With good points and poor ones.
Our team has discussed this in depth and have decided on some suggestions to improve titan interaction, wich is an excellent and huge part of our game play.
Though we do very well against the titans and destroy 90% of our titan adversaries, we are a small team. As titans spawn every 23hrs, if we can’t defeat a titan quickly we end up with another titan directly after another with no energy left. As we are all climbing in levels it is becoming tidious to try and level to regain titan energy. So here are our suggestions.

1.) Cutting titan energy regen time to 2.5hrs instead of 3.75hrs.

2.) Increasing the amount of titan attacks with level, with a max of 6 Or 7.

3.) Raising titan time limit to 3 minutes instead 1min 40 sec.

We on the other hand are adamantly against paying for titan refill. We believe this woukd be pointless, because titans would become too easy, and time online for players woukd decrease significantly
Also that being able to purchase the energy would make it unfair to those players and teams who don’t or can’t participate in purchases.

Thank you for your time and attention. That is all.

Well, that’s all very well, but you will just blast through a couple of levels and then hit another plateau.

Then what? Five minute time limits🤔

Every Alliance has their limit and as you improve your roster, bigger Titans come in scope.

If the ability to defeat titans is constantly improved every time you get stuck, we’ll all be killing 12* by Christmas and getting thoroughly bored.

It’s a slow paced game, stick with it and big titans will fall :upside_down_face:


I don’t comment very often, but I wanted to chime in here because our alliance has been where OP’s is. We fought 6* and 7* titans for about 7 months of the 1 year I have been playing. The lack of progress was very frustrating Looking back, this was due to several factors. I think the main one was that even though we regularly had 28-30 players, there was a segment of the alliance that was constantly in flux bringing our core group down to 15 regulars or so.

This is where @JonahTheBard 's advice becomes important: stick with it. Build a full and dedicated alliance. And establish rules related to titans in the meantime. This is what we’ve done over the last several months and we’re now bringing down 8* s and being scared by 9* s! Best of luck to you and your alliance mates.


That’s a great point.

The team around you is all important.

If you’re ambitious, you have to get involved with like minded players.

My first alliance was hitting 4* titans tops and I recently visited after a year away.

My new Alliance has grown from 5* to 12* titans. My first alliance is still hitting 3* because they are comfortable with casual play and inactive members.


We conceed your point @JonahTheBard.
We aren’t wanting to improve every time we get stuck. That was not our point. We have a dedicated active team, and yes more players would help. Overall we were thinking of game play and how it might encourage people to play more and make it easier to bring in New players and keep them. On top of making titan attacks more appealing to all players and alliances.

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Use your base core group to try and hit titans at the time it spawns (not always easy)

Emphasize and encourage members, especially new members that titans are a priority.

Post in chat or alliance line tagging reminding anyone who hasn’t hit the titan yet after 8-12 hours since spawn.

In chat, celebrate when someone has a big hit. Also celebrate the drops.

Lead and coleads should take some videos to share as titan learning tutorials.

I’m fortunate to be in an alliance that often kills titans too quickly. I went to bed a couple hours before titan spawn and woke up to titan being half dead.

Alliance is super active but it’s the above that changes the alliance culture and gets everyone Gung ho on titans.

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