Titan arrive time

I was thinking about the titan 23 hr cycles. It would be great if the alliance could have set a wanted titan arrive time. When the titan 23hr cycle reaches that time, it would automatically change the next titan’s arrive time to 24 hr. So every titan would come when the time is right for the alliance. For example i would set the titan arrive time to 6 pm. When the 23 cycle of titan arriving will reach that, every titan would come at 6 pm. The first set would be free, but later every change could have cost 75 gem(or more) This would be a great feature. So we wuld be no more problems to stay up at night to kill the titan, or weak up so early to hit the new titan. It would be also a great thing to can create a titan energy flask when the titan energies are full, but we have no titan to hit yet. The titan flag timer would reset to zero of course when we would use this possibility.

Currently, the 23 hour cycle is designed in a way that the titan arrival time keeps changing by 1 hour every day. So that way there would always be some spawn time which is convenient for some player and I feel that is completely fair. I wouldn’t want to set it at a particular time which might be inconvenient for another player. You have to keep in mind that players from all over the world play the game, so no time is universally perfect for anyone. :slight_smile:


Whatever @ThePirateKing will say :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. I wanted my post to be before yours, @ThePirateKing. Delete it and write again :rofl:

My alliance members are all from the same country so this would not be a trouble for us. And many other (invite only type) alliances following this. I think there is very few alliances are what’s members are playing in very differemt time zones.

I think you’re actually incorrect in this.

Every alliance I’ve ever been in has been multinational and multi time zoned. The nationality of origin may be the same but no guarantee that everyone is still in that place.

Oh, i think that you are knowing, in every alliance the titan arrive time is not the same. If one alliance would set a wanted titan time, this will not mean that, in all other alliances will be the same.

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