Titan appearance times


Would love to see titans more randomly appearing. Ours shows same time every night in Deathtongue Alliance. We have people from all over the world in the alliance and several miss the chance to attack since it is middle of the night in their time zone.


It spawns every 23hrs, so it slowly changes to accomodate every timezone :slight_smile:


Would still be nice to be more random though. That would help keep the ones missing the chance from getting discouraged and leaving the Alliance.


Makes it harder to plan for though, and harder for your alliance as a whole to show up on time to kill them, perhaps. :wink:


Agree rook we took down a 6* and in less then 50 min a new one appeared!!!


Thats not possible - if a titan escapes or is brought down in the last minute you still have to wait one hour. Otherwise it is always more than an hour (more precisely: the time the last titan would have stayed plus an hour).


It might have been possible if the Titan processed a while. Would have been 50 minutes, yet still right on time.


Hell no.
Only 1 energy every 4 hours, better not get any more problems.


That does give better chances for the Alliance members that missed the previous one to hit the new one.


How long have you been playing? welcome to the Forum! :wink:


Roughly three weeks. Still a newbie. Haha. This game is definitely one that requires patience.


You might want to take a gander at Coppersky’s Compendium (player guide). It’s been helping gamers here for at least as long as I’ve been playing:


Thanks. I will go through that.