Titan Apocalypse - New Alliance


Titan Apocalypse is a New Alliance looking for members. I have been very active since starting a month ago, I was part of an Alliance were only 1/3 of the people were active and the leader seemed to have stopped playing so no one could promote, demote or kick, so more often then not, Titan’s got away.

I decided to form a new Alliance for active Titan Hunters that want to get Titan’s, good loot and work up to getting 4* and 5* Titans!

No Drama, Players looking for fun, Must be Active
If you are not active for 6 days or more and have not stated you will be away, I will kick and open spots for active players, anyone that advises they will be gone for a bit, spots will be held.

I have set 200 Cup/Trophy - Low to start to get some new Members joining.

Hope to see you out there Titan Hunters!



Awesome we got our first 5 Members so far in less then 24 hours!
One and a half Titan’s down, second one is about to bite it.

Plenty more room for Titan Hunters to join!