Titan announcement and log

Random tonight, but a new titan spawned and chat never alerted us. Also it is showing damage in the log from the prior titan and not showing some hits on current one. A few of us all are seeing the same hiccup.

Hi we can see back 15 hours of hits on a recently spawned titan

I just did a Titan hit and it doesn’t show up in the event log.

Yeah just hit twice my name hasn’t come up but the damage was added so least that’s something!
15 hours is nothing try 21 days haha!

Same problem here.

A new titan spawned, 3 of us attacked it so far, but only 2 of us have event logs. The other player’s damage is recorded in top attackers but not in the event log.

Same issue here. Also no chat announcement of featured message change.

Same also here. Titan log shows last titan attacks and no system messages in chat.

Seems to have resolved itself for us now.

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