Titan animations


Just curious on everyone’s views on the animation of attacks during titan battles. Some of these can be 3-5 seconds in length, and many a time I’ve been down to the last seconds of a titan battle tappng the screen to try and use up a diamond tile or a powered up hero attack only to be prevented by the titan attack’s animation taking so long.


Agreed, very annoying


I say make the timer countdown only when it’s your turn to attack. Just like in chess!


This is one of the big, hidden benefits from Merlin/Hansel/Gretel: instead of the Titan chewing up the clock casting, the special clicks in almost instantaneously and the battle continues,


Seconded! That would be a great improvement.


I have noticed & am frustrated by exactly the same thing. The mongrels take far too long taking shots at you, drawing out what little time there is to battle.


Thats one of the reasons I hope they make options to remove graphics as they made it with the sounds.
My eyes bleeding from repeating graphics each time heroes shoot their special or in the end of each fight the victory banners.

I like much the gameplay itself and the competition and dont care about the cosmetics