Titan and war Loots need to be fair


How can it be that a person with titan C score damaged gets better loots than a person with A+ score damaged??? This has to change! Loots should be equal to what the players score! This is how you reward your active players and to make this game more competitive!


A+ I get less what’s the point I agree. When I cant get on as much and rank low I get better things. Fail I guess


Hi Erica,
Thanks for agreeing, It’s definitely a fail! Sometimes players just hit once and will get better loots than active players. It’s crazy


A+ loot is actually a running joke is many alliances…
Definitely think this should be looked at to give an incentive to try do better. Not worse.


Higher loot tiers give you a better chance at good loot than lower tiers, but good loot drops are still random, low probability events. If you are graded A+ for your work killing a Titan then you have a much better chance at getting good loot than a player ranked C, but if there are 20 players in your alliance ranked C then the chances are that at least one of them will receive better loot than you.

This has been explained in great detail in other forum threads. Perhaps you might search for discussions of Titan loot then read a few threads so that you understand how it all works.


If I buy 10 lottery tickets and you buy only one, is it “fair” if you win?

That’s really what’s going on here. Your Titan grade puts you into a loot tier. Each loot tier has a fixed number of item slots and odds for each slot. Loot Tier VIII gives two Ascenion mats (anything from strong ropes to telescopes), while Loot Tier IX gives three. The odds of getting a rare mat in an ascension mat slot is also lower at VIII than IX.

But there is no linkage between what two members pull from this randomness. Your loot at A+ is three tiers higher than the ally with a C, but he can still come up with very lucky rolls and get two 4* mats, while you have normal luck and don’t get anything, or maybe a compass. Your odds of getting good loot were higher, but that doesn’t guarantee that, when the dice are rolled, you get the better loot.