Titan and raid question

I am about 3 months into the game and getting a feel for things.

My alliance consistently beats 6* titans and for me that is ok right now. I don’t use any items at this point.

My question is about weaker vs strong colors. I hear it mentioned about doubling up vs a certain color. My roster is getting there so I may be able to try this out.

Where do I find out what colors match up better against other colors?

Love how there is always so much to learn, taking it a day at a time.

If someone could point me in the direction in finding these color matchups I would appreciate it.


Whenever you fight someone (monster, raid, titan) there’s a small ledger in the top left corner.

Click on it and look at the colors and the direcrion of the arrows.

Arrows direction = Strong color.
Opposite of arrows direction = Weak color
All other combinations = Neutral colors

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Thank you. I always wondered what that meant. Learn something new everyday!

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The most common tactic in raiding and war is to ‘double up’ on ‘the tank’.

That is, to pick two heroes of a strong colour to quickly overwhelm the middle enemy character. The middle character is often selected for their durability, hence the nickname of tank.

My two strongest heroes are red, so where possible I target green tanks.


That makes sense.

Do you know if there is a doc or list of which colors to double up on for which colors?

Enemy color - What to double
Yellow - Purple
Purple - Yellow
Green - Red
Blue - Green
Red - Blue

There you go :slight_smile:


You are a star! And another reason everyone needs to be on the forum. Everyone is so helpful!

The strong vs weak has some fine points that should be addressed in depth. The damage done by tiles in the red, blue, green triangle is

  Strong hits weak double strength
   Weak hits strong half strength
   Neutral colors hit each other one to one

There seems to be an exception with holy vs dark where those two hit each other in the strong vs weak manner; however, yellow vs yellow and purple vs purple hit at half strength.

That last bit I read in the forum but I cannot prove it.

Also, that is tile damage. Special skills, again, I cannot confirm.

Wizard help, pls.

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Special skills aren’t colour affected unless it’s stated on the card e.g. Kashhrek, a green hero can gain extra defence against red.

But are they color affected

Not here in Britain, where all our heroes, regardless of element or coloUr, drive on the left, eat fish and chips and sing God Save the Queen before every quest.

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Building off of what Smoothie said, double strong drop weak color so:

Purple - drop purple
Yellow - drop yellow
Red - drop green
Blue - drop red
Green - drop blue

Even when you drop these colors they still can stun if the tiles don’t miss so keep that in mind as well. There are exceptions to this for heroes such as Wukong or maybe Boldtusk/Kiril if you don’t have any other attack stat buffer. Then there’s always the consideration of defense reduction heroes (for 4* that is Grimm, Tiburtus, Gormek) that you also need to get those high titan hits. I think for the question about special skills, unless the skill specifically states that it does extra damage against a specific color or buffs defense against a specific color, special skills are basically neutral and are not affected by element.

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