Titan algoritm suspected error on time left, spawning unexpected titan stars

Over the year and a half I’ve seen many strange level titans appear, a few examples:

  • your alliance can beat 10* titans
  • on a bad day, it was a close call and suddenly a 12* appears
  • however, if you are taking down 10* smoothly it may take up to 10 of them before your alliance is challenged with a 11* (this I feel is okay)

actual situation for us now:
monday: beat a 11*
tuesday: let a 12* go
wednesday: just barely kill a 11*
today: another 12*

I’ve seen it happen so often that I suspect there’s a small coding error:
I believe titan score is taking into account how fast the titan was killed, and instead of “22h-time left” it takes the value of time left, making titans that barely got killed count as if it was killed in the first hour

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